Stephen faces the wrath of the Wirkus Twins

I feel like Stephen McGee was everyone’s favorite cast member from the first season of Summer House– well except for Lindsay Hubbard and Everett Weston. They are not Stephen’s biggest fans and vice versa. As the newcomer to the group, Stephen wasn’t really involved in most of the drama. Instead he provided the fans with “that’s exactly what I was thinking” commentary in response to the group’s antics.

Even though the first season is (sadly) over, Stephen still has a lot to say about what went down last summer and since the show started airing. He shared his opinions on the cast’s love lives (including his own) and he even revealed who actually paid for the summer house last summer.


Stephen was interviewed by Kate Casey for an interview on her Reality Life podcast to talk all things Summer House. After revealing that Lindsay was the only person he had preexisting relationship with going into the show, Stephen was asked who he got along with the least. Given that information it was a teeny bit surprising that he said, “The least that I probably got along with was Lindsay. I would say Everett is the person I have the least in common, but I don’t think Everett looks for problems. I think things happen and he just escalates them. Lindsay, on the other hand, will just find something and make it a problem.”

Kate asked a question that most of us were wondering: Do you guys really pay rent for this house? Stephen admitted, “I think you asked this to Lindsay as well and she adamantly said yes. We do not pay rent on the house.” I’m sure Lindsay isn’t super happy that he said this.

Stephen went on to explain, “We do have financial risks in the show. We do not have everything paid for. I do not do a share that would have cost me $20,000 every summer. With the show and all the obligations that come producing a show, we needed to have a bigger house. Even though the house is big and you see all of our rooms, there’s rooms that were used for storage, production, and cameras. We weren’t paying extra for those spaces to give them room to produce the show.” Stephen made sure his point was clear by saying, “While we did have financial risks and we paid for things- trust me we spent plenty of money this summer- we did not have to pay rent for the full house.”

As expected, Kate had a few question about Lindsay and Everett’s relationship. Stephen shared his opinion: “Yes they’re a big story line, but I think they thought they would be breakout stars, but I honestly don’t think anybody wants to see that.” She asked if they really fought as much as it came across on the show and Stephen admitted, “I think the show did them favors.” The SHADE. He added, “When they feel like they’re fighting too much, they cause fights with other people because that gives them the opportunity to function as a team and to feel like they’re united.”

Aside from arguing with Everett, another big story line with Lindsay was about the demise of her friendship with Cristina GibsonFrom a viewer’s perspective, a major tipping point in their relationship was when Lindsay accused Cristina of getting fired. Stephen said, “Whether or not you were let go, you quit, or were fired is not a big deal, but she knew it was a big deal to Cristina. So I think she took a lot of low blows toward Cristina because they were friends, they were close, and she does know what bothers Cristina. I think she saw the opportunities to put her down on camera and she took them.”

Lindsay wasn’t the only one who had issues with Cristina though so I don’t blame Kate for asking Stephen if “everybody hates Cristina as much as it seems.” Stephen shared, “I think it was more of a frustration thing and now everyone is back on good terms.”

Cristina got a lot of  shit for involving herself in Lauren Wirkus and Carl Radke’s hookup relationship as did Stephen after he showed Lauren a photo of Carl at a wedding with another woman as his date. Stephen revealed, “Lauren knew about this girl before the wedding photo happened. She just didn’t know that she was going to the wedding with him. That’s what was so perplexing to me the whole time and why eventually I just gave up on the whole thing.” He continued, “Lauren is like all about Carl, but she knows Carl is talking to other girls and seeing other girls. She just- I don’t know- if she just turned a blind eye to it on purpose or what.”

Stephen was asked if Lauren and Carl are still hooking up. He declared, “That would be a no. I believe the last straw was at Carl’s birthday recently.” He was also asked if Lindsay and Everett were still together and he shared, “The last piece of information that I heard was that they broke up last weekend. They were living together and I heard Lindsay was staying at a friend’s house. I don’t know if they’re back together.” He continued, “Usually their breakups only last a business day and by 6pm and they’re sending a Snapchat of ‘look we’re making waffles’ or something.” Stephen added, “Carl and Kyle were on Watch What Happens Live and Lindsay didn’t go with Everett.

The other on-again-off-again couple from Summer House was Kyle Cooke and Amanda Batula. Stephen revealed his support for the duo: “I love Amanda and they are still together. I think she’s probably too good for Kyle, but they’re still together and I think that they could make it for a while at least. I think it’s going to come down to more Kyle being able to grow up.”

We never got to see Stephen’s sometimes boyfriend on the show, but he did mention that he was in a long-term relationship that was on and off. He explained, “I didn’t want to keep bringing it up because I didn’t want to be the Porsha Williams or the Kenya Moore of Summer House whose like ‘I have an African prince waiting for me.’ I knew he wasn’t really going to be involved in the show, so when it kept coming up, it was something that was pushed on me to keep mentioning.” He clarified, “Right now we are not together. We still talk. It’s been a while since I’ve seen him.”

Maybe we will see Stephen dating if there’s a second season of Summer House. He was asked if he thought there was going to be a second season and he said, “We still do not know, which is frustrating, but I really do think there is going to be a second season. There’s been a lot of talk and there’s been a lot of conversations and our numbers have been good.”

If there is a second season, Stephen has some thoughts about changes to the cast. Stephen said, “There’s a couple people who would get my vote off the island.” He continued, “I would say that a lot of Lindsay’s bad energy is relationship-driven, so I would keep Lindsay if she and Everett broke up. I’d get rid of Everett.” He added, “I would probably get rid of Cristina because Jaclyn [Shuman] is fun, and Cristina is nice, but she’s not necessarily fun.”

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