Danielle Staub Loves And Feels Bad For Teresa Giudice; Slams Melissa Gorga, Jacqueline Laurita And Caroline Manzo

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Danielle Staub stopped by the Watch What Happens Live clubhouse tonight to dish with Andy Cohen and it was almost as good as if Kim Granatell was on!  Danielle shared her love for Teresa Giudice, her loathing of the other housewives, including sharing just how Melissa Gorga landed a spot on the show!  Danielle also shared that she's shooting a new reality show!

Andy kicked off the show irritating Danielle by mentioning Kim G.  Trust us, we know how much she despises Kim G.  Danielle blocked us on Twitter for just for saying we wished that Danielle and Kim G would be on a show together.  We meant it to be fun but she wasn't having it.

Her thoughts on Teresa's federal indictment charges: "I feel bad for them.  They're people, they're family and you know things that are very bad are happening to them, so it would be really wrong of anyone to enjoy that." 


Danielle said she doesn't talk to any of her former co-stars.  "No I don't."

On how she's making a living now:  "Actually, I created my own show.  I'm 50/50 co-adventure with Left-Right productions and we're filming currently."   It's a reality show about Danielle, so she plays coy when Andy asks if she's single.  "You'll just have to watch and see".

On her bisexuality: "I would consider myself "curious" if anything, but those days have long passed. I'm happy to say men are my only interest now.  And if there was one in particular I can't really say at this time, but I can say you will see."

On her house situation: claimed she didn't sell and that she turned it back over to her husband "after I moved three years ago. After I left the housewives, I moved." 

When Andy asked if her ex ever paid her the spousal support, Danielle refused to talk about it, saying  "I don't think that's a good idea for me to discuss. He's the father of my children."

During the live interview, Andy said that Kim G was Tweeting that Danielle owes her $100,000 or tried to borrow $100,000, Danielle laughed and said "Kim is so crazy."  

The Tweet actually was Kim claiming that Danielle tried to borrow that much from their neighbor for a new Bentley.  "@daniellestaub tell @Andy about the 100G's u tried to borrow to from our neighbor Chris in WestNY! He refused&now u won't talk to him.  No @Andy she didn't borrow from me, she asked to borrow from CHRIS for a new BENTLEY! @Adam_Barta knows." 

Andy rolled clips of all the housewives talking about Danielle on various appearances they've made on WWHL since Danielle left the show and here's where it got interesting. 

First up is Caroline Manzo confessing that she felt bad for her meeting with Danielle and for calling her a clown. After watching it, Danielle calls bullshit and says she's not buying what Caroline's selling. 

Andy asked, "any run ins with Caroline since the show?" Danielle said,  "Ironically, we're the same age and you would THINK we'd go to the same places, but at 51, no I don't go to the same places she does."  When Andy asked what she meant "I just think we should be fine dining together, we should be running into each other at five star restaurants, shows and you know…."  Shady lady. 

Next up are clips of Teresa's comments, which were all nice.  Danielle's reaction:  "I love Teresa. I have no problems with Teresa. I really feel like she was probably stuck in between friendship and kinship with a family she's known the better part of her life and in trying to create a new relationship with me, I think she was manipulated a lot by them.  Like she said, I did know things about all of them and it's not my place [to share it]. In time, everyone exposes themselves. I do truly believe that she feels remorse. I felt her heart (watching the clips). I believer her."

Andy played the clip of Jacqueline on WWHL  accusing Danielle of stalking her and saying horrible things about her.  Danielle fired back, "I think she needs to put the wine away and possibly seek help for that. I have not been around her, I haven't Tweeted, I haven't talked.  If you want to check timelines..it's on the internet and you can't erase it..we all have regrets about that.  I think she might possibly be the worst example of somebody creating a truth. I moved on from her the moment she showed her true colors.  I did genuinely hug her goodbye because I felt like we had a relationship at one time and I felt bad for her because I knew she was again caught in between family and friendship, but in time after that, when I thought we were just gonna move on from it, I would read just horrific things on Twitter."host

And on to Melissa.  Andy showed a piece of Melissa saying that Danielle Facebooked her after Melissa posted about the cookie incident.  Danielle's reaction to the subject of Melissa was interesting.  She blasted, "The one thing true in that (the clip) is that we never met because I wouldn't let that happen. She wanted to film during season 2 and she thought it would be a good way to get back at Teresa and I said I wanted absolutely nothing to do with that. However, I would forward all of her emails, which were a lot, to the producers, which I did.  Which is how, after two seasons of her being behind the scenes, (on camera but behind the scenes) she all of the sudden became a person of interest and that's how she landed on the show.  I think it'd be good for her to just come clean.  I wanted nothing to do with what she wanted to do to Teresa.  It's not my place. I don't play with that. Karma returns."

Andy said "you view the current housewives as criminals", she grinned and says "well you know, pretty much.  I wouldn't say aaallll of them, but I would say there's pretty much a bulk."

Danielle then went in on Andy, expressing how upset she was that Andy said in the press that she was fired from the show.  Andy looked really uncomfortable and she didn't let up.  Danielle asked Andy why he said she was fired when she left the show after season 2 on the reunion. 

Andy: "Did I say you were fired?"  

Danielle: "yeah, you did."  

Andy: "I don't recall saying that you were fired, it was a mutual decision that you didn't want to continue on the show and we didn't think that it was ah…"  Danielle cut him off, "yeah, you did put that out there.  It was announced to the press and it's still out there. " Andy asked,  "it's a quote from me saying you were fired?" 

Danielle: "Yeah."

Andy:  "I apologize"

Danielle:"Thank you" 

When they come back from break, Andy commented that they talked about it and don't remember things exactly the same way… 

On the after show Andy took a few calls.  The first caller asked her if she's had plastic surgery on her face (she was looking a lot different, but mostly just super puffy).  Danielle said no, nothing on her face, just fillers and Botox. 

On if she's Team Melissa or Team Teresa: "I think I made that pretty clear.  I don't like to choose, but it'd have to be Teresa because I don't know Melissa." 

On how she'd act if she saw Dina Manzo: "I'd be cordial. I wouldn't run the other way. If we made eye contact, I'd nod my head." 

Danielle shared that she stopped her search for her biological mother but is considering resuming the search. 

Ouch.  Danielle also claimed that she hasn't watched Bravo at all since she left the show. 



Photo Credit: Joseph Marzullo/WENN.com