I Dream Of NeNe Finale Recap: For Richer Or For Richer

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Last night was the event you've all been waiting for with baited breath. Yes, that's right. NeNe Leakes finally walked down the aisle and married her groom Gregg. Again. Thanks, Bravo, for treating us to two full hours of I Dream of NeNe. Two hours, really? I kind of wish you had dragged out her nuptials even longer. I do wish I'd played a drinking game with myself though and taken a sip every time some famous face was shown. I mean, in the first five minutes of the finale, NeNe lunches Vivica Fox while Gregg hangs with groomsman Al Reynolds! On second thought, I'd probably have gotten too drunk to type this…

Gregg is being fitted for his tux, and he's super nervous to learn that his suit won't be completed until the day of the wedding. What is with these Bravo wedding specials leaving everything for the last minute? It's been in the works for ages! NeNe is also helping her ill prepared aunt shop for something to wear to the wedding, as she arrived in Atlanta with nary a dress. Jennifer Williams is along for the ride helping NeNe with some last minute details with her family. Gregg bows out on his fitting to go meet Tony to check on the venue. The ballroom looks like a construction site as Tony and his team prep to hang 60,000 crystals from the ceiling. Somewhere, Spencer Pratt just got really excited!

The family is all coming together for a low-key celebration dinner, and it's nice to see NeNe and Gregg's adult children finally getting along. Gregg is precious with his step-granddaughter. Brentt seems thrilled at the prospect of a better relationship with his half-siblings, and NeNe feels content that all of the children have all come together. The following day, NeNe is spending time with her oldest son Bryson. She wants him to walk her down the aisle, but given that he's on crutches, she doesn't want her dress to get ripped. During their conversation, NeNe is sidelined by an e-mail from her father bailing on her big day. She can't believe he didn't have the decency to at least call her. 


That evening, Gregg, his sons, his step-son, and his friends are clubbing to celebrate the end of his bachelor days. Bryson gives a very heartfelt speech to his step-father before Gregg and his friends make it rain on the club. The party bus is complete with liquor and some very unfortunate looking strippers. The following morning, Gregg is met with a very sullen and passive aggressive NeNe. Is she upset about the naked dancers? Nope! Gregg still is avoiding the whole prenuptial agreement situation. 

Arriving at the bridal suite, NeNe is finally able to get excited about her big day instead of stressing about last minute details. She runs into some of the groomsman, but she can't be bothered with any gossip from the bachelor party. As far as strippers are concerned, anything they can do, NeNe can do better! More and more bride-maids arrive to tour the hotel ballroom, and NeNe can't show her shock at much more work needs to be completed in forty-eight hours. When one of her maids questions the status of the venue, NeNe says she wanted her girls to see the before and after so they'll know just what a major transformation it was. 

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Marlo Hampton is primping for her, I mean NeNe's, big day, and NeNe is exhausted at how much attention she requires. They haven't had much contact, and the NeNe and her other maids gossip about her in the bridal suite. Marlo seems to have forgotten the part of her title includes the word "maid." NeNe isn't willing to share her spotlight with anyone. Cynthia Bailey praises NeNe for planning the hottest event that Atlanta has ever seen. Geez. The ladies are shocked to learn that Gregg has yet to sign the prenup. NeNe explains that once signed, she may rip it up and hand it back to him, saying she just wanted to see if he would actually do it for her. NOT! It will be binding, no doubt! Marlo heads to pick up NeNe's dress (too little, too late, as NeNe's already completed that errand), and I am reminded how much I despise driving in Atlanta!

Tony's crew is working non-stop to ensure a magical venue as NeNe's bride-maids traipse through the hotel in plush robes. Well, hello, Omarosa! If her wedding party isn't a who's who of reality stars, I don't know what is. Of course, Marlo takes every opportunity to try to be the center of attention. Later, Jen drops in on NeNe to offer her help and dish more about the prenup that remains unsigned. How adorable is NeNe's granddaughter? NeNe is trying to ignore the fact that Gregg hasn't signed on the dotted line and that one of her guests leaked her evite to the media. Gregg greets Judge Mathis in the hotel lobby, and my night is complete. He's officiating the big day. He is by far my favorite television judge as he doles out the sassiest justice with the best one-liners. NeNe is beyond pleased with the progress in the ballroom, and she's able to start to relax. As NeNe and Gregg take in the beauty of it all, Gregg showers her with kind words and the gift that she's been wanting. NeNe tears up as she receives the manila folder containing Gregg's signed prenuptial agreement. How romantic!

It's the big day, and NeNe's manager shares the news that Omarosa is tweeting up a storm with pictures of the venue. In Touch is livid given that they have the exclusive rights to her big day. He also explains that NeNe is going to have to take the service elevator to the basement in her dress to avoid paparazzi in the lobby. NeNe didn't picture trudging through the underbelly of the hotel in her $58,000 wedding dress. She just wants to feel like a normal bride. The bride-maids are getting dolled up thanks to Miss Lawrence and crew, and Marlo isn't thrilled with the way her dress is fitting. She marches up to NeNe's suite to see what the bride has to say. Marlo's bride-maid counterparts urge her not to bother NeNe with something so trivial. She should have listened as NeNe quickly boots her from the bridal suite hoping she can figure it out on her own. Ouch.

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Gregg tears up as Tony delivers a brand new Rolex courtesy of the Neenster. He calls her crying to thank her. The guests begin to arrive, from Gretchen Rossi to Patti Stanger to her Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars. Gregg is on cloud nine, complimenting the many bride-maids and walking pooch Playa down the aisle. The wedding party begins its processional, and Jill Zarin tries to make the most of her .002 seconds of camera time. NeNe is quickly making her way through the kitchen and basement with her handlers. She is a ball of nerves and tears and there is some potential fainting drama.

Thankfully, the Neenster is able to pull herself together. She looks truly happy as her sons escort her down the aisle to an emotional Gregg. I swear, if I cry at NeNe's wedding, I am going to really need to reassess my life. Judge Mathis' rich voice begins the ceremony, and their isn't a dry eye in the house as Gregg embraces Brentt and Bryson. Curse you, Bravo! it's a beautiful ceremony with the perfect balance of love and laughter. I can't believe I even typed that last sentence. Judge Mathis brings out the mushy in me. The couple high fives when NeNe vows to love Gregg for richer or for richer. Before Judge Mathis can announce them husband and wife, Gregg interrupts to sing NeNe's praises. The newlyweds celebrate with friends, family, and a gospel choir before heading to their reception, and Kim Zolciak-Biermann comes in to share her well wishes. NeNe gets very emotional at Kim's words because of all the former friends have been through together. NeNe does a quick dress change before hitting the dance floor and thanking her bride-maids. She loves each and every one of them, from the dependable Cynthia to the "selfish as hell" Marlo. Gregg then surprises NeNe with an amazing performance by Fantasia Barrino. It truly is the night of 1,000 reality stars, isn't it?

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Another dress and more surprises from Gregg in the form of a toasting group of groomsman. A drunk Marlo is with some other bride-maids dancing around and touting the importance of big things. Her stick on bra is really hanging out of the side of her dress. Bless her heart. As the creative director, Marlo leads the women in decorating NeNe and Gregg's bed with rose petals. The women then do their best NeNe impressions as they mimic how they think she'll act when she sees their handiwork. The party continues in full swing as Gregg and the Neenster head upstairs to their own party started. Gregg apologizes in advance to all the other people sharing their floor, but NeNe is too preoccupied with all the Tiffany boxes to worry about getting busy. I think NeNe certainly enjoyed the open bar at her reception!  Cheers!


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