Andy Cohen better watch out because Bethenny's talk show is starting to feel like a daytime version of Watch What Happens Live!  The Real Housewives have been a staple on Bethenny's special guest list lately and shows no sign of slowing down. 

Today Bethenny had Kandi Burruss and Kenya Moore on her show and got them talking about everything from the Apollo Nida texting drama to Kandi's issues with Kim Zolciak and more! 

Kandi and Kenya have been promoting the show together lately, so Bethenny asked if they were paired together for a reason.  Kandi shared, "we can be friendly together and Kenya can't be friendly with everyone on our show, so they put her with me."

Bethenny tells Kenya that she's polarizing (and that she can relate),  "You're polarizing: people love you or they hate you, not unlike myself".  Kenya  explains, "I am extremely emotional, I'm reactionary and I'm just real.  so I have natural reactions.  If someone sets me off I can be a firecracker but only when I'm lit." 


Kenya shared with Bethenny that her first season on the show was not fun.  "Last season, I have to say absolutely not.  It was a roller coaster with so many ups and downs and I just had no idea what to expect.  I was like 'okay what am I gonna bring in my bag today? I'm gonna have my taser…"  Kandi says "every time she came to set, she had that Phaedra Sparks in her purse".  Interesting that Kandi uses the word "set"…

On the texting situation with Apollo, Kenya explains, "It's really simple. I think it will reveal itself on the show, but I made a comment because someone said something that wasn't nice about me.  I'm like 'if you don't care for me and you think I'm all of these negative things, then stop texting me'."  So he had been texting you?  "Yeah it was friendly. He initiated the texts every single time."   Kandi gave her some hell about texting "hey babe" to another woman's husband.  Kenya says that "baby" would've been wrong, but babe is fine. Kandi assures her nobody will say "babe" to her man. 

Bethenny asks what the proper protocol is about a married man texting you.  Kenya thinks it's ridiculous that you can never text a married person of the opposite sex.  "I think it's appropriate if you're wife knows." 

Kandi says about the upcoming season of Atlanta,  "This season is gonna be so crazy".  On her issues with Mama Joyce not being happy about her marrying Todd, "It's hard for me to have a relationship and my mother be happy about it. I don't know why.  It's happened a couple of times."  Kandi says her mom is just protective but goes "extra hard" for what she believes.

Bethenny asks Kandi for her thoughts about the woman being more successful in a relationship, how that can feed the male ego in a negative way.  "Todd is in television, he's the behind the scenes guy.  But the great thing about our relationship is we want to do projects together."  She talked about the balance they bring to each other and each bring something to the table for those projects (like the musical). 

Kandi confirms that Porsha Stewart is singing in the play and Kenya throws a little shade, but not as much you'd assume she would.  Bethenny points out that Kenya is getting a little bit softer, so she thinks Kenya is getting laid.  Kenya laughs and flips her hair "you recognize the glow? Yes, my sex life has never been better." 

She rehashed the Kanye West thing again, just saying she had a boyfriend so that's why they didn't get together.  Timing is everything. 

Kandi explains some more about the Kim Zolciak "Don't Be Tardy" song royalties situation.  "The money was supposed to be divided equally and she felt like she didn't need to do that.  That's why the second song never came out because i was like 'no I'm not letting you put out another song and we go through this all over again'". 

Bethenny says "I would imagine she'd want to give you the money so she could do a second song to make more money than the first".  Kandi says "Well, yeah, because appearances and different things, she does performances, etc.  She was making so much money just by having the song."  Kenya chimes in and said the Kim situation definitely left a bad taste in Kandi's mouth because she asked her to help with the Gone with the Wind Fabulous single and Kandi did not want to do it.

Kenya on NeNe's wedding: "I told NeNe I was going to be away.  I was in Africa at the time.  And she also invited my ex, so that was a whole big thing."

Bethenny tries to bait Kenya by saying that NeNe Leakes is the obvious breakout star of Atlanta and since Kandi and Kenya came on after Nene, do they aspire to be like her? Kenya says "I don't aspire to be the next NeNe Leakes, I aspire to be the next Bethenny.  You're so successful, you're so sweet. and most importantly you are so humble and that's what I want to be like." 


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