Lisa Vanderpump Denies Wanting To Quit Real Housewives of Beverly Hills! Scheana Marie Calls Brandi Glanville “Insane”!

Brandi Glanville Lisa Vanderpump

This season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the tables are turning for Lisa Vanderpump. Meaning no one likes her. Rumor had it the isolation and ostracization became so intense Lisa was threatening to quit the show! No amount of money could get me to hang out with Splits! 

Lisa heartily denies the rumor, insisting. “If I quit, you will hear the words right out of my mouth or I have been fired.”

Furthermore she doesn't even know what she would quit, even if she wanted to! "There are all these rumors but there is nothing to quit. We are not in production — they don’t even start production until next year,” Lisa explained to E! Online. 


Reportedly as the season progresses, Lisa will be confronted by former friends Yolanda Foster, Kyle Richards, and Brandi Glanville over her "manipulative" behavior. The confrontations became so heated Lisa allegedly left the set and refused to return! Ouch. "It was very emotional and very unpleasant," a source shares. 

After the confrontation things have not been the same – as we've gathered from Brandi's numerous interviews on the matter! "Lisa's kind of been on her own so it makes sense to assume that, right now, she's not very happy," the source adds. 

Another person who is dealing with Brandi's constant media gabbing is Scheana Marie. Formerly known as Eddie Cibrian's mistress, she made a name for herself as the toofless star of Vanderpump Rules. Which is right about the time Brandi started slamming her in the media and on twitter. Oh Brandi… 

Denying to The Wrap that her relationship with Lisa has anything to do with the friction brewing between Brandi and Lisa, Scheana says Lisa had no idea about her affair with Eddie until Brandi brought it to her attention! 

"Brandi is saying that Lisa knew who I was from the beginning; knew this relationship I had with Eddie and built the show around it and used Brandi to get me publicity. Which is insane," Scheana clarifies.   

“First of all, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ was in the works before any of this came up that night when I was working here [at SUR] and I had that encounter with Brandi on Season 2 of ‘Real Housewives,’ the finale. Lisa knew nothing about that. I don’t even think Lisa knew my last name, honestly," Scheana continues. 

Scheana dismisses Brandi's accusations as having no merit. “So, I’m like, that’s crazy that you’re making these accusations that not only did she know, but she orchestrated a TV show around it? That’s insane. It’s completely not true."

"I don't know where she gets her info from but she definitely got that twisted," Scheana laughs. I'm thinking Brandi gets her info from two places: 1) the bottom of a wine glass. 2) KyleBut poor Scheana what does she know she's just "pare shaped" and using Brandi for fame. <eye roll>. 

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