The Real Housewives of Atlanta continued their girls trip to Savannah where some unlikely bonding occurred – it only took a cockroach and some southern comfort food to bring them all together! Collective "awwwwwww". 

Despite a fight about Chuck's very Housewives past, things are all fine the next morning as the women come together to make breakfast and gossip. Kandi Burruss shares that she and Todd "skypesex" and she shows him her vag. I hope she doesn't end with an accidental sex tape when Krayonce hacks her phone or something out of revenge! Apparently Porsha Stewart had something pierced down there: TMI. 

Doing a 180, Cynthia Bailey says that Noelle has a boyfriend but there is no unsupervised time as the parents are very involved. She thinks it's better to be supportive than put her foot down and have Noelle rebel. "I'd rather be picking up Arthur than picking up a grandbaby," Cynthia explains. #cosign! 

Kandi and Cynthia relate about parenting girls vs. parenting boys – as Phaedra Parks puts it, with boys you only have to worry about one "dingaling" but with girls you have to worry about everybody else's dingaling. NeNe Leakes doesn't care: she thinks Noelle is too young to date and Cynthia is making a mistake supporting it. 


NeNe says girls these days are so "fast", "They show up at the mall in jeans and change into mini skirts!" They're twerking at the food court. With all these fast little girls, Cynthia should keep Noelle locked in a tower until she can sew together all mommy's weaves for a prince charming to come climb up and rescue her.

I wonder if Kenya Moore twerks at the mall? Miss Who-SA showin' all these little girls how it's done! #TaseMeTwerk #BeautyQueenTwerk #GoneWithTheTwerkFabulous #Twerkatwirl


NeNe won't let up despite everyone telling her girls are different than boys. Cynthia bursts into tears and flees the table because she feels her "friend" is judging her parenting. Porsha (who wants to escape Mynique Smith's judging eyes) and Kenya console a sobbing Cynthia.

Immediately Kenya starts talking about how she didn't have a mom who loved her and therefore Cynthia is doing everything right. It was nice to see Kenya supporting Cynthia – however this moment is NOT about her!

Phaedra suggests that NeNe may not have a right to judge anyone's parenting given all of Bryce's messes – and there have been many. After consoling Cynthia, Porsha and Kenya have a moving, magical moment where they realize they're not so different after all. They both cry about not being moms and Porsha feels Savannah has truly changed things – until next week when Kenyorsha is back to arguing on the street corner! 

Because you can never have too many tears on vacation, Porsha goes in her room to cry about Kordell. NeNe overhears and suggests she call him for "closure." Since Porsha would wear a dead pelican as a hat if NeNe told her to, she agrees. Maybe Porsha could go on the underground non-electric train and visit him too?! 

NeNe eventually half-apologizes to Cynthia and decides the gang needs to hit up a drag show. Before that Phaedra and Kandi cook-up a southern comfort dinner which looks amazing. 

The ladies go all out with hair and makeup for the drag show with Cynthia being in charge of doing everyone up and NeNe mixing cocktails. It was a cute scene. Kenya is bummed she doesn't have a gown packed. She is also having her dog sent to her since Velvet is sick (seriously!). "There can never be too many fabulous bitches," Kenya laughs. 

Since Velvet is being delivered, I don't know why Kenya didn't have her assistant throw in the pageant crown, the Miss USA sash, the gown, the swimsuit competition buttpads, and Victoria's Secret Free Panties… all on the Fabulous Bitch Express! Does that go underground, with like drivers and stations? How do they fit it under the house with all the ghosts?

NeNe mentions that Kenya and Phaedra are being cordial to each other and perhaps they should have a talk about text-gate. 

NeNe asks what really happened with Apollo. Kenya denies making herself "hot and ready on a platter" (do they sell that at Trader Joes?) like Phaedra implied and denies any wrong-doing. "I don't need to troll the prison yard to find a man," she snaps. This coming from the woman who posted a "Help Wanted" ad to get Walter hired as rent-a-boyfriend storyline!

Shockingly, Kenya brings her diarrhea dog into Phaedra's room to try and reach out. Phaedra stonewalls her and proceeds to PUMP! while Kenya is talking to her. Phaedra says she's over it and has moved on. Phaedra doesn't have time for beauty queens on bath salts unless they're her clients! She has "children to feed, people to bury, cases to try." 

As Kenya is stumbling through her talking points, the pump goes, "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh." Best. Read. Ever. I guess there won't be any Key-Key and Phae-Phae bonding! 


At the drag show the ladies meet legendary drag queen Miss Chablis. Last time she ate anything Porsha was in diapers. Seriously – invite her back home for some southern comfort food! NeNe is tipsy and makes Mynique get a reading lesson. Kenya says it felt like home to NeNe and wonders if she "tucks". Dang – shady, shady. 

Back at the house, apparently the ladies have scrubbed off all their makeup, put on their clothes from earlier in the day, and sobered up super quick for dinner – after the club. Huh?


Kandi reveals that she's writing a musical and wonders if some of the ladies would be interested in performing in it. Kandi figures "respected actress" NeNe will be too busy. I hope that was shade on Kandi's part! 

Porsha admits she texted Kordell saying they need to talk. He responded asking her about what. Porsha won't write back and starts giggling like a teenaged girl until Kandi grabs the phone and responds for her. Somebody needs to get Porsha out of 8th grade emotionally. Maybe Cynthia should start supervising her dates!

All of Porsha's whining is interrupted by a flying cockroach who terrorizes dinner. Everyone freaks out and Team Roachbusters, Kenya and Porsha join together to snuff him out. Porsha starts whacking the hell out of it with a paper towel roll pretending it's Kordell.


Poor Roachdell gets added to the ghost list in the Wedding Cake mansion. I hope he haunts Porsha in the basement. 

All in all it was a great episode, but I can't wait to see Kenya and NeNe have their epic fight. We know it's coming…. <rubs hands together with glee>

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