Porsha Williams Talks Kenya Lying About Miss USA, The Reunion Fight and Kordell’s Abuse

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Even though your DVR claimed there was a two hour season finale of Real Housewives of Atlanta tonight, it was really just an hour and thirty minutes long, topped off with an episode of Watch What Happens Live.  Sneaky way to again claim RHOA's ratings as WWHL ratings, too?  Anywhoo… Andy sits down one-on-one with Porsha Williams to chat about the reunion brawl with Kenya Moore and her abuse claims regarding Kordell Stewart and she calls Kenya out for lying about being the first black Miss USA winner.  

Porsha says she's been in contact with Phaedra, Kandi and NeNe since everything went down, but she hasn't heard from Cynthia

Andy wants to know what her cast mates had to say to her.  "Phaedra was just really upset.  These girls know me now at this point. I've been their friend for two years straight, so for them to see me act completely out of character and let Kenya win like that.  That was the main thing, I was sorry that it had to reach that point, I was sorry that that was my reaction, but more than that I was sorry that I gave her the power to make me go and do something like that."

If Kenya didn't have the props, does she think she would've gotten physical? "No. I feel like we're all grown women and we can fight with our words. We can sit here and I can call you something and you can call me something. That's what the reunion is about. It's the fact that the props were there.  I saw that she had the scepter when I sat down and I still was fine at that moment. It wasn't until she began to reach for me with it that it went to another level.  She was throwing insults at me and I was really trying to say anything I could to get her to understand 'you don't need to go there'."

Andy says "You had some pretty tough things to say to her at the reunion."  Andy brings up Porsha's insults to Kenya.  "Honestly Andy I didn't know what she wanted me to do to get her to know it was escalating.  Was I supposed to have smoke coming out of my ears?  Was I supposed to turn green? I just needed her to understand, stop with the bullhorn because it's going to the next level. You need to slow it down and she's going too far.  This is beyond entertainment at this point.  It's getting real." 

Andy says he's sorry for not taking the bullhorn away.  Porsha says, "I don't know that you would've felt what I felt because it wasn't directed at you."  They discuss the props, Andy again says they're banned and Porsha thanks him for that. 

Did Porsha apologize to Kenya?  "I feel like Kenya and I may reach a level where we can apologize to each other. I think that's where we are at this point.  There's been so much disrespect, so much hatred directed towards me that has caused us to go to this level."  "I think as women, I deserve for her to acknowledge what she did 'maybe I shouldn't have done that'." 

How does she think she'd be in a room with Kenya now versus the day of the taping?  "If I was in a room with Kenya now, I know what I'm dealing with.  Watching her cry about Velvet, I saw something that I thought was a sensitive side in her. That was real, possibly. But now I know I'm not dealing with someone who is operating in reality.  I'm dealing with someone who is just performing. "

What would she say to Kenya if she was here? "She needs to take a good hard look in the mirror. She needs to just be honest with herself. And she needs to acknowledge the intentions that day. I could accept an apology and I could give one.  And honestly I can move on and I was ready to then, but in the next couple of days when I heard that she had filed charges and that I was going to have to hire an attorney.  Now it's completely out of our hands.  Now it's in the law's hands.  Now I have to go to jail, sit in prison with other inmates. Pissy smelling, dirty, all of that. Get my mugshot, get fingerprinted, that will be there for the rest of my life. So, there's no way I could sit down with her at this moment. She has to at least acknowledge the situation. That she had ill will that day.  I have admitted that I know that I shouldn't have reacted that way. I've acknowledged that.  If she does that, maybe we can build from there."

Andy asks if anything struck her from the conversation that happened after she left the taping. "What struck me the most is when I saw Cynthia. If anyone had the clearest vantage point, it was her.  I think that Cynthia – she's done many interviews since and she's flip flopped back and forth. I heard another interview the other day where she said 'she (Porsha) was definitely provoked', but then on your (Andy) show, she was like 'well I don't think she was threatened', so for me Cynthia just needs to get a mind of her own. She needs to be able to voice her opinion.  I don't know who she thinks is gonna give her a spankin' when she gets home, but she's not, she's a grown woman.  And it's okay. Voice your opinion, stand on it."

Andy asked why she turned herself in.  She explains that she had to turn herself in because she learned about two weeks after the incident that Kenya was granted a warrant for Porsha's arrest.  "It was the worst day of my life. I've never done anything in my life to end me up in a jail and have to get a mugshot.  For me to be in there at that moment because of Kenya Moore, it was literally the worst moment of my life." 

On Apollo and Kenya – "I definitely think something inappropriate took place.  There's some fire there. That much smoke, something's there. Whatever it was, it was done a couple years ago and I think Kenya might have just wanted it to keep living."  She says that the situation was really over, but Kenya kept breathing life into it in Mexico.

She says she doesn't regret anything from the season until Andy asks if she regrets the Underground Railroad nonsense.  "Yeah, I regret that."  Andy plays a clip from the reunion of Kenya saying it was a slap to black women and Porsha's family, yadda yadda.  "Nobody is as hateful as this girl Kenya. They can comment and say what they wanna say. And yes, it was a Porsha moment. I was standing there and my mind got locked into one thing and I just ran with it. And the world ran with it and the world had a laugh. But don't get all high and mighty with this 'we're black people and we're strong people and you're a disappointment', when last year you (Kenya) were saying you were the first black Miss USA.  Carol Gist was the first black Miss USA.  Now that I called her out on that, Kenya's "done" with it.  But now you (Kenya) go on Arsenio and all this press and all she talks about is me or Phaedra."  She doesn't think Kenya will be interesting without them to talk about.

Porsha says again that she's embarrassed about the comments on the Underground Railroad and admits she tried to laugh it off, because "what am I supposed to do, go home and kill myself over it?  It was an embarrassing moment and of course I want to represent my family.  Next time I'll think before I speak." 

How does it feel to finally be divorced?  "It feels so good.  A majority of the time, I'm standing in my truth and that feels good." 

Andy brings up the abuse claims, "You alleged this week that there was some physical abuse in the relationship."  Porsha shared "That came up because I have a new single called "Flatline" and in the video for it, it depicts some abuse. And I was asked if that happened in my relationship with Kordell and it did." 

Andy says Kordell has denied that.  Porsha replied "I've heard that. That's fine.  For me, doing the video and showing my truth, it's not for me to get a comment from Kordell. It's the way I decided artistically to put my feelings out there."

Andy mentions that she put a lot out there about Kordell this season – questioning his sexuality,etc.  She says "I hate when people say that, how did I do that?" Andy says it was a nuance that carried through the season that Porsha and the other women were talking about and joking about.  "I would love to see where I actually said that Kordell was gay. What I said was, I called him a queen because when I was at my mom's house and he had all of my belongings shipped there and my wedding dress was completely torn up, so me being upset I called him a queen. Nowadays, we have taken the lingo from the queens. We call a child a queen if he's acting up, we call a woman a queen.  That was just me calling him something out of anger at the moment. I think people say that I called him gay because I mentioned about the sexual part. I don't know why we weren't having sex. I don't know why he didn't want to lay with his wife and make a baby and all that. He'll have to answer that." 

Andy asks about Kordell's scene with Peter, saying her family was too involved in their marriage.  "first of all, I didn't know that fool even taped.  He said he didn't want nothing to do with the show and didn't want to film."  She says Kordell saying he despised her mom might have been worse than the divorce. "My mom has been there for us and that marriage since day one."

She says she still has her wedding ring.  On settling the divorce she said she didn't want to sit in a courtroom and dredge up all these hurtful things with a judge just to get money. 

Andy asks about the dictator TMZ reported she was dating.  She says she doesn't know who that man is.  She plays coy about her Rolls Royce, just saying that she has friends and is blessed.  Porsha admits she has a special someone in her life, but I'm not "claiming him yet." 

To close, she wants people to know she's only human and she makes mistakes and apologizes to the fans and cast and the viewers for it. 


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