Taylor Armstrong Shares Kennedy’s Memories Of Russell Armstrong; Kim Richards Didn’t Show Up For Taylor’s Wedding!

taylor armstrong

Taylor Armstrong recently married John Bluher in a D-List star-studded made for TV event. The former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star invited several of her former co-stars, and discusses how difficult it was to accommodate all the warring personalities. She solved that problem by leaving one person off the list: Brandi Glanville

Yes, Taylor even invited Adrienne Maloof and her ex-husband Paul Nassif, she was so desperate for TV cameras but she didn't feel Brandi could behave! "Because it was during the reunion [special] and I didn’t know, that was week to week because the seating chart was one of the most complicated things," the Couples Therapy star explains. Taylor kept all the drama focused on herself because she kept the RHOBH bunch apart. “I separated everyone."

Taylor also reveals to Us Weekly that Rambles Richards "pulled a Kim" and didn't show up. What was Kim so furious at Lisa Vanderpump for again? #hypocrite. Maybe Kim skipped because she's feeling salty that she was fired


Taylor wasn't surprised by Kim bailing. "I wasn't even mad, I just had to laugh," Taylor says, "I just thought it was hysterical because of course, Kim."

Another reason Taylor is so ecstatic about her union with John is that he has decided to legally adopt her daughter Kennedy. Kennedy's father Russell Armstrong famously committed suicide shortly after filming RHOBH. Taylor reveals that Kennedy "doesn't have a lot of memories" of her biological father "because she was [only] five-and-a-half” when he passed away. 

"I think she does maybe know that he took his life and it probably happened just because there was so much talk about it," Taylor admits. "Whether it was her overhearing something … but I get the impression that she knows it was by his own hands. Really, that was something that I preferred for her not to know until she was much older."

However Taylor and Kennedy are looking forward. Now that Taylor's reality TV career is hopefully over she is excited to embark upon a new medium for getting attention: acting!  "I’ve auditioned for some scripted things. I don’t know that they were the perfect role, but I’m just trying to get that under my belt, because it’s new for me."

[Photo Credit: RHS/WENN.com]