RHOA Husbands Revealed Special

Milking the Real Housewives of Atlanta ratings for all their worth, Bravo gave Peter Thomas the greatest gift he could imagine: a one-hour special dedicated to the husbands. I mean, after all, they are the reason we all watch, right? #sarcasm

Unfortunately Peter's portions of The Husbands Revealed paled in comparison to Apollo "Loose Lips" Nida's marital revelations! The sit-down with the hubbies echoed that unfortunate scene in Mexico where they all sit around smoking cigars and taking shots – except this time Kenya Moore didn't crash. However, she was a hot topic of conversation!

Apollo arrives at the Bar One gathering in sunglasses. "I wear my sunglasses at night…" and the reason – his wife Phaedra Parks SLAPPED HIM. Then she embalmed his face and stuck in a stake in the front yard American Horror Story style! Oh wait, whoops – this is only Bravo. So boring! 


Apollo over-discloses that his wife "attacked" him over allegations that he is cheating. Specifically that he's cheating with one Miss Krayonce Whore-Moore. Now I don't believe Apollo cheated with Krayonce, I do believe he may have used her as a shield to hide who he was really cheating with. I also think Kenya and Apollo did have inappropriate interactions with each other. 

Apollo Nida Husbands Revealed RHOA

To boot, the other hubbies tease Apollo about his flirting with Kenya – and for checking her ass-ets in their birthplace of Mexico. "I meant no harm," Apollo giggles. When Peter asks him why he looked, Apollo says, "I got eyes!" And this is why your wife is perma-pissed and changing the locks, dude. Who admits that on national TV?!

Apollo admits means he and Phaedra are now in marriage counseling. I bet Kenya rues the day she ever got friendly with Apollo and gave him her number… isn't she the one that says never trust a criminal. #TakeYourOwnAdvice

Apollo admits the fate of the Parks-Nida marriage is um… less solid than Jell-o! Separated? Not quite, but on shaky ground with Apollo possibly taking up quarters in the garage while Madame Phaedra occupies the main house?  Apparently Apollo is disappointed they lack communication and that Phaedra continues to blame him for the small and innocent flirtation he had with Kenya, which began in Anguilla. 

Gregg Leakes, who has been primed and directed by NeNe Leakes on how to play this (re: make Kenya look baaad), says that Apollo embarrassed his wife by giggling like a school boy who met Mrs. Robinson in Anguilla. And then… and then… took it further with texting and continued chatting. 

Apollo is miffed that Phaedra isn't supportive enough in the wake of his arrest and indictment and their marriage is not a "partnership". Oh so sad for you. You broke the law and your wife is pissed!

“Right now it’s a lot on the plate but all I need to hear from my wife is ‘Baby, don’t worry about it, we’re in this together.’ And see, that’s where a lot of times the issues be, because I don’t feel like my partner is there," Apollo complained.  

Gregg, ever the supportive side-car, coos, “I bet you, deep down inside, if there was an inside meter that we could gauge people by, she’s on your side. She’s still on your team. It’s up to you to go get your wife and bring her back. You got to lose to win in a lot of cases, but as long as the family wins in the end, that’s all that matters." Then he suggests a vow renewal by Bravo while Peter preens at the camera offering shots. Because Apollo isn't allowed to drink as a stipulation of his bond. Frienemies By Bravo! 

Interesting Apollo blames Kandi Burruss in part for Phaedra learning about all the gossip about his alleged cheating. Apollo snipes that Kandi was sending Phaedra links to blogs with stories about his extramarital activities, like she wouldn't have found out otherwise. No wonder Kandi looked so disgusted with Apollo at the reunion. 

Peter Thomas And Todd Tucker RHOA Husbands Revealed

Later the husbands discuss finances and Apollo, again, puts his fraudulently purchased designer shoe in his mouth. Todd Tucker admits he does have concerns about his finances compared to Kandi.  For instance she wanted some really expensive earrings for Christmas that he felt were out of his price range. He relented and got them, but Kandi also got him a Rolex which he feels embarrassed wearing. Peter suggests he borrow it for a while, so you know, it doesn't get lonely.

Todd doesn't want it to look like Kandi is his sugar mama and feels compelled to take all the jobs he's offered but Kandi doesn't want him working out of town and prefers if they build a business together. Peter, Apollo, and Gregg all stare at Todd, mouths agape, not understanding this rationale… but dude, says Peter, you could just sit around and get drunk while pretending to run a bar. 

Apollo jumps in to tell a story about the time he bought Phaedra a very expensive car for Christmas that was stolen and purchased using that identity of a deceased 95-year-old lady from Indiana. Anyway, Phaedra didn't want the car and thought Apollo was being frivolous, which "hurt him to the core". Then she went out and got her own car, because driving a stolen car really tips the Feds off. Mob Wives 101. Her reason for not liking Apollo's gift – because it was from him. And Phaedra is no dummy who probably knew it was purloined through less than legal means

Everyone talks about sex, Apollo swears he and Phaedra are still having it. Which not even Gregg looked like he believes. Todd and Kandi seem to have a really sweet, connected and genuine relationship that appears the most sincere out of this bunch. I am hopeful they can make it last despite Mama Joyce's interference and insanity. 

All in all, this special was pretty illuminating when it comes to the sub-text of Apollo and Phaedra's marriage. Basically these two people are not happy together! 

I think it's pretty clear why Apollo got his rocks so enlarged over KenyaPhaedra has been frustrated with her husband and treating Apollo dismissively for a while, and Kenya started showing him some much needed attention and ego-stroking. Which I think he started taking too far. And maybe Kenya encouraged it, but at the very least she didn't discourage it. 

Unfortunately Apollo chose to make his marital problems (caused likely because he was too busy going to strip clubs and making it rain (among other things) when he should have been spending time with his wife and family) a subject for RHOA and now Phaedra is further enraged and isolating him. I also think it's all but certain that these two will be getting divorced once he heads off to the slammer and his case is settled. 

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