Melissa Gorga Warns Us To Get Ready For Some Hair Pulling On Real Housewives Of New Jersey!

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Real Housewives of New Jersey is upon us – and with it comes the mayhem that always follows. With a brand new cast – that also includes their own family drama – plus the addition of Melissa Gorga‘s former bestie Amber Marchese, things are bound to get interesting. Finally somebody that knew Missy way back when.. 

Melissa warns – it gets exciting! “There’s some hair-pulling! There’s arguments, there’s a lot of laughs. I definitely think the new girls came ready to go. I think the viewers are going to love watching all of this unexpected stuff.”

Melissa is also gearing up for a different kind of season; one where she and sister-in-law Teresa Giudice finally aren’t at odds. “I feel like I don’t want to fight anymore. I think we’ve agreed to disagree on certain things,” Melissa says of her relationship with Teresa. “There’s a bigger picture going on obviously in her life. I think right now, she needs family, and it’s a time for family to back her up, and her brother and I are here for her.”


That bigger picture is Teresa’s recent indictment and possible jail time. Joe Giudice will inevitably be serving time, as well. Melissa reveals that she’s just focusing on Teresa, not the intricacies of her crimes. Yeah, right behind closed doors she talks a mess then prays a rosary that she’s not next! 

Teresa is “doing good,” Melissa shares. “She’s doing what any mother would do, which is just focus on her family, focus on what she needs to focus on, and then that’s it. I don’t like to comment too much on her legal issues because it’s a personal thing, and it’s confusing, and a lot of us don’t know or understand exactly what’s going on.”

As for Melissa’s own marriage which has been under scrutiny since day one, Melissa insists they’re like so perfect and happy and poison-full! “Joe and I have always been pretty much an open book called Love Italian Style, so you’re going to see more of that,” she shares of their love.

“We go through our ups and downs like any couple; we try to keep it very real on the show,” Melissa lies adds. “And anyone who meets us in person says that we’re exactly who we are on TV, and it’s true. We don’t put up a front for the cameras, and we just remain true to who we are. We put our family first. ” Cue laughter. And they don’t put up a front for the cameras, huh? Was Melissa trying to show us that she understands how ‘irony’ works? 

Finally, Melissa discusses the addition of her friend Amber to the cast. “When I found out she was casted on the show, I reached out to her. I said, ‘Welcome aboard, it’s going to be a bumpy ride,'” Melissa told The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t know — it’s kind of hard to tell what her intentions are for coming back into my life and for coming around. I wanted to believe she just wants to re-find our friendship and rebuild our friendship. But she does a couple things that make me wonder what her intentions are and if she has good intentions or if she’s coming back around for other reasons,” Melissa continues.

“I know in the preview, I guess she said she graduated college to be successful and that I married Joe — it’s annoying to me because I also graduated college when I met Joe,” Melissa quips. “So just little things like that that make you wonder, is it genuine, or did she come back around for other reasons?”

Amber came back for other reasons – I mean hasn’t Melissa reminded us time and time again everyone in her life who has a grudge against her is just a famewhore like herself who like herself is trying to do anything possible to get on the world’s most inspirational and important reality show, RHONJ! I think that’s called “karma” Melissa, and didn’t Teresa once say it’s a bitch?

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