Joe And Melissa Gorga Dish With Andy On Real Housewives of New Jersey Fight Between Amber Marchese And the Twins


Joe and Melissa Gorga were in Andy’s clubhouse to dish on tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  Joe and Melissa answered questions about everything from how much money they really put out for their new garbage company, whether they’re building that dream home yet and when we can expect a new Melissa Gorga album!  

Melissa on who she thinks was at fault in the fight between Amber Marchese and the twins: “I feel like Amber came in very strong, but I know Nicole pulled the first hair. I feel like they both equally…  I don’t think anyone should put their hands on anyone, that I will say.”

On the new house, the Gorgas say they just started building  the new one.  And Melissa wanted to make it clear that she does like the rental house they’re in.  Interesting since she says she’s moving back to Montville..

A fan asked when Melissa will be releasing an album.  She replied “I chose not to give The Real Housewives any music this year.”  Andy says “really? Are you trying to piss off the Housewives of Jersey? You say it like it was a spiteful thing. ”  Melissa says “I know, I was just teasing.  I have a jewelry line that just came out on HSN.”  Andy shaded her some more “You decided you didn’t want an outlet to promote your music?”  Melissa admits it’s because the show sometimes paints her singing in a negative light, “You know, sometimes you show when I hit the note and sometimes you don’t…”

Does Melissa have regrets telling Nicole what Amber said? “I feel bad that that happened. I never like when anyone puts their hands on one another.  I played a part in that, absolutely, but I also felt like Amber put me in a really bad position because I’ve had things like that happen to me on the show before and by her telling me on camera and for the world to see..that was her good friend, we met her through her. And she was just singing like a canary in front of the camera. ”  Melissa says Amber put her in a bad spot because she then felt like she had to tell Nicole about this thing being said for the world to hear.  She maintains that it was the right thing to do but is disappointed it came to hair pulling.

A caller asks what Melissa thinks about Amber saying that she (Melissa) married for money.  “The truth is I actually met Joe after I graduated college.  I got engaged the same day I graduated college. There wasn’t a lot of truth to that statement.”  She explains that Amber said Melissa got hitched for money while she (Amber) went to college, but so did Melissa.  They both got married right out of college.  Melissa acknowledges that Amber apologized to her for that in her Bravo blog and said “Melissa worked hard her whole life.” 

Another caller asks when the last time they spoke with Joe and Teresa Giudice was and how they are doing.  “They actually stopped by our shore house two days ago but we weren’t home.  But yeah, we talk to her, absolutely. She’s good.  You know Teresa, she’s strong. “

Does Melissa think Amber had a vendetta to go after her on the show?  “I think Amber knows what to do to cause a stir and I think she’s not scared to do it.  Amber and Jim are about Amber and Jim.  I like her and I’ve always liked her. ”   Melissa says she welcomed Amber when she joined the show, but she didn’t like a lot of the ways she was coming at her. 

The next caller asks Joe what he meant when he said that he and Melissa had some financial problems in the beginning of this season.  Joe’s response “When you’re married ten years you have to always tell your wife you’re having financial problems.  It keeps them out of the malls.”  Melissa says “he tells me he’s broke all the time and then he buys another building!” 

Andy asks “did you really sink a million bucks into that garbage truck?”  Joe says “it’s not just a truck. You’ll see as the episodes come up.” 

They then play a game where every time Melissa can’t tell Andy what a medical term means Joe has to take something off.  Naturally, he’s shirtless by the end of the show. 


Photo Credit: Twitter