The Gorga mansion purchase and rental saga continues on this week.  Kai Patterson is hitting back at Joe Gorga for lying in court, for new leaks in Casa de Beaver and more.  He even claims that Melissa and Joe wanted him to swap houses with them.   

In a statement from Patterson’s spokesperson, he reiterates that the judge adjourned the eviction case because Joe had failed to register the Montville mansion as a rental.  Kai says that Joe claimed in court that he had a friend at the zoning office who told him he didn’t have to register it, but Kai says Joe couldn’t remember that “friend’s” name when the judge asked for a name.

Patterson then blasts them, claiming the reason they didn’t register the home as a rental is because they didn’t want anyone to know that the mansion hadn’t actually sold for the full asking price.  In Melissa’s defense, the house was being sold at $3.8 million, just not all at once in a ‘conventional’ type sale…   “In August of 2013 when the Gorgas and Mr. Patterson executed the purchase and rental agreements, the Gorgas told the media they had sold their home for the full asking price, but never represented there was a rental agreement that also was also part of the purchase agreement.  After falsely represented the home was sold, Joe and Melissa Gorga did not register the home as a rental property because it would have immediately exposed their home was also being leased under the purchase agreement.” 

Kai is also irritated that Melissa and Joe claim the rent to be $20K when it’s really “only” $10K.  “In the complaint Joe Gorga filed on June 10, 2014, he represented the rent required in the lease each month was $20,000 and that a total of $80,000 was owed at the time the complaint was filed.”

Patterson, for some reason, got yet another inspection on the home and it revealed a new issue with a leak in the master bedroom.  “A new inspection conducted on August 13, 2014 has disclosed an additional leak in the master bathroom of the mansion, in addition to the 35 defects disclosed in the initial report on July 7, 2014  Today, Kai Patterson has issued a demand letter that requires the Gorgas to make all outstanding repairs within 7 days under the default provisions of the purchase agreement.” 

He also says the Gorgas lied about starting construction on the new dream house.  “In September 2013, the Gorgas stated they sold their home and were starting construction on a new home in Franklin Lakes, New Jersey.  However, no permits were ever filed for construction in Franklin Lakes by the Gorgas.”  

Also noteworthy: Kai claims the Gorgas wanted to swap houses.   “Today in court, their attorney asked Patterson’s attorney, Richard Koppenaal if Patterson would be willing to switch houses with the Gorga rental property in Franklin Lakes, and Patterson refused the offer.”  

Patterson claims this whole eviction mess is because Joe and Melissa don’t want to make the repairs on the mansion.  Patterson said through his spokesperson, “They initially stated they sold the property without disclosing the lease agreement.  They failed to register the property as a rental property to prevent disclosing the lease agreement.  They filed court documents without including the addendums that reduced the amount of rent.  They failed to disclose the additional damages to the property when I took possession in February that did not exist in September of 2013, which were caused by Mr. Gorga failing to winterize the property.  Now they want me to inconvenience myself and move to accommodate them, so they can look good on a reality show.” 

“Every time we go to court, we win and I am happy the Judges can see through their misrepresentations.  How do you represent the township’s zoning officer was your friend, and told you it was not a requirement to register the property as a rental property, but you can’t remember the officer’s name when Judge Taylor asks you his name on the record,” says Patterson.  The demand letter and default provisions within the purchase and lease agreements require the Gorgas make all of the repairs a week before we are due back in court.” 

These people need to get this settled and done.  Patterson should just cut his losses and consider himself lucky if he can get out of paying $3.8 million for the house.  I still do not understand why he’s bothering with any of it.  Just move out, the Gorgas move home.  Done.  They’re both probably going to wind up paying more in legal fees and time wasted than it’s worth.


Tonight is an all new episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey.  There’s more Amber Marchese drama on tap for tonight. From Bravo“It’s a family affair in New Jersey as Melissa and Joe strive to take their new age garbage business to the next level, and Teresa and Rino embark on plans to expand their family’s restaurant empire. Nicole and Bobby, meanwhile, try to prove Amber wrong with a little PDA, and Rosie introduces her girlfriend to the family. Isolated from the rest of the group, Amber turns to her own family for support, until a phone call from Nicole changes everything.” 

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