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We don’t have the official word yet on the outcome of the Gorga mansion eviction trial, but the renter/purchaser Kai Patterson is quite happy about the ruling. 

Joe and Melissa Gorga have been trying to stop the financial bleed that is their former mansion by booting Kai from the premises for nonpayment of rent.  The Gorgas have been struggling financially as they have to continue paying mortgage payments on their Montville home, plus the rental costs at their current home in Franklin Lakes, plus paying for attorneys (three so far) and most likely forking over for major repairs to the mansion. 

Kai shared a statement this afternoon after the judge ruled – and it sounds like the final ruling was in his favor.  He shared in a statement, “I am happy with Judge Taylor’s decision and ruling today.  Now I can focus on helping those in need.  I won on every major issue, including the amount of rent owed, the months that were paid and what was declared as rent.  I was happy the Judge ruled the initial payment of $10,000 rent was rent and not a purchase payment that Mr. Gora alleged.  I am also happy the issue has been put to bed relating to the requirement to make payments towards the purchase with the property in its condition.”

Patterson continued, “I will be paying September’s rent once I receive the credits I am due for the payment the Gorga’s water bill.”

Kai says his next move is to make repairs on the mansion.  “This proceeding was necessary for setting the stage to enable me to make the repairs and receive credit.  I will be placing Mr. Gorga on notice of the needed repairs and giving him a chance to make the repairs, before I bring in my own contractors.  What is great about today’s decision is that I can make all of the necessary repairs against rent, should Mr. Gorga not agree to make the repairs and pay him what is left each month without the threat of an eviction.  I can save all payments towards the purchase, purchase another property over the next year, or renegotiate the asking to close on the purchase.” 

He slams Joe in his closing,  “Mr. Gorga has shown me that he is willing to misrepresent the terms of a deal, which the Judge overruled, so any further payment made towards the purchase will be lost if it is paid directly to the Gorgas.”

All I can say is: WHAT A MESS.  STILL.  It’s like the never-ending story.  I hope the home gets fixed and that Kai Patterson ponies up the purchase money to the Gorgas and they can all part ways and be done with this nightmare! 

UPDATE:   Kai shared some more tidbits from court today:

“The Judge also credited me fees towards repairs, but because I did not get an invoice from a company outlining the repairs for the Kitchen in the amount of $150 dollars, I was not awarded that deduction.  I will lose $150 to not have to make payments of $510,000 every day of the week.  I was required to pay a portion of Mr. Gorga’s water bill for the broken pipe, which is why I have to pay about $3,000.  I should have required the water company to represent my bill should have only around $300, instead of $3,000, but me and my attorney were focusing on the important issues.”




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