melissa gorga learns science

Guess what?! A Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is back in court. Bet nobody is surprised to read that. 

Joe and Melissa Gorga are continuing to battle their tenant and prospective owner of their Montville mansion in eviction proceedings. It’s been back and forth for a couple months with the Gorgas vs. Kai Patterson. Kai was ordered to move out, but then had it reversed when a judge uncovered the Gorgas had never legally declared the property as a rental. Kai believe that is because they wanted to deceive people into believing they had sold their dilapidating mansion instead of renting it out. 

The unresolved issues resulted in a trial, which is supposed to conclude tomorrow. Yesterday Joe testified in court in an attempt to evict Kai stating his tenant owes $192,557 in unpaid rent. Kai argued that he was withholding rent because of incomplete repairs (including massive plumbing problems) which Joe promised to make

Trying to prove he was like all serious yo, Joe toted along not one, not two, but THREE attorneys in an attempt to remove Kai from the property so Melissa can move out of her “disgusting” rental and move back into the mansion she once couldn’t stand. How are they affording all these legal fees, I wonder? The garbage business?


Dubbing the home the “Michelangelo property,”Joe gushed about the glorious work of art the Montville mansion is, praising its faux marble fixtures amenities such as marble floors, a movie theater, and “$750,000 with of trim alone.” 

Joe claimed Kai’s refusal to adhere to the terms of the lease is harming his family. “My family and I are suffering,” Joe testified, revealing he must pay $20,000 for their outstanding mortgage, plus taxes, in addition to the rent he is paying on the Franklin Lakes abode. 

Unfortunately Superior Court Judge Stephen Taylor did not agree with Joe’s insistence that the eviction be upheld. Judge Taylor said, “the only issue in the complaint is the failure to pay rent,” so the eviction should hinge only on rent and not the purchase,reports Kai is under a rent-to-own contract with the Gorgas. Which means they could owe Kai any money he put towards the purchase of the property. 

That’s just the tip of the iceberg – the parties also argued over the “habitability” of the property. One of Joe’s attorneys, Jonathan Korn, provided documentation that the home is now a registered rental. While Frank Catania, another of the Gorga’s attorneys, claimed Kai is remiss over $15,000 in rent for this month, plus late-fees. The original agreement stated Kai owed $20,000 per month, but somehow that amount is now $50,000 in an attempt to make up for past month shortages. 

According to Gorgas’ legal team Kai has been shorting them money from the get-go. Kai admitted to not being able to make the $1 million dollar deposit he agreed to, claiming his business was “restructuring” he claimed he had the money by October, but had delayed moving in because he wanted to amend the terms of the lease. 

Kai was also supposed to pay $35,000 toward the property in February when he finally moved in, this sum included $10,000 in rent and $25,000 towards the eventual purchase of the house for repairs. Kai claims he paid that, Joe denies it. However, the onus was on Joe to prove that’s how much Kai owed him, as he eventually agreed there was nothing in writing to confirm the amount owed! Oops! Three attorneys doesn’t buy you common sense, apparently. 

The parties also argued over the hotly contested water issues. Kai admitted to waiving a home inspection before moving in, and Joe claims Kai never brought up the water leaks or plumbing issues until the eviction proceedings. Kai insists he did, but concedes he got nothing in writing because the two were on good terms at the time. What is it with these people?! Did they watch Law & Order one too many times and truly believe verbal contracts are binding?! 

Trial is said to conclude on Wednesday, which will be the final determination on whether or not Kai must move out. 


[Photo Credit: Bravo]