Kyle Richards Reveals Why She Returned To Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills; Talks Keeping Her Marriage Strong

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Kyle Richards is currently in the middle of filming Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. And hopefully, this season Kyle can finally redeem herself with fans. Not bloody likely

But reality TV isn’t the only thing Kyle has going on, the mom of 4 and wife of Mauricio Umansky shares what made her return to the show, how filming is going, and gives her tips for keeping the sparks alive in her marriage! 

Despite her marriage being a focal point last season as Maurico was accused of cheating by the tabloids and Kyle could not let go of blaming Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle claims she decided to give it another go for a fresh start. Calling her decision to return an easy decision, yeah right Kyle explains, “I think people thought, ‘oh she had so much conflict,’ and maybe I wouldn’t want to come back, but it wasn’t a hard decision this season. Other seasons have been a lot harder. We have a lot of conflict and issues, but ultimately I do care about these women and we do have a lot of fun together as well, so I was like, ‘ok, let’s do this’ [laughs].”


As for getting along with her co-stars, as always, it is a work in progress. “A lot of relationships are shifting and changing,” Kyle adds. “I’m still working on mending things, others I’m getting closer to. Each one is so individual and things change on a day-to-day basis.” Adrienne Maloof and Camille Grammer will also be returning on a part-time basis, which will certainly add an interesting dynamic. 

Kyle remained mum on whether or not Lisa Rinna had, in fact, been cast this season. “There’s a lot going on with that,” she hinted. And expressed her disappointment that Joyce Giraud had been fired. “I got along very well with Joyce, so I was sad. I don’t like change and I really liked her.” I’m sad – and surprised – Joyce is gone, as well. I thought she was classy, well-spoken, and not afraid to be herself on camera. However, I have a feeling Joyce wanted to leave as opposed to getting fired. 

Finally Kyle talks about how reality TV affects her family life and marriage. Kyle claims her daughters don’t mind having the cameras present in their lives. “They don’t really pay attention,” she says. “Portia doesn’t know the difference because she turned two on the show and the other girls don’t really care. Sometimes they’ll show up, if they walk in the kitchen and the cameras are there, they’ll hang out sometimes and other times they’ll just turn around and walk out.”

And luckily Kyle’s daughters do not have an interest in the family business. “They don’t have aspirations to be in television, so I think they have a healthy relationship with reality television.” GOOD!

Kyle also shares that her marriage to Maurico is as happy as always. So why was she so worked up about bogus cheating allegations in a low-rent tabloid? “I think that respecting each other as individuals and just making each other a priority for date night—I know that sounds like such a cliché but it’s true,” Kyle dishes to Parade Magazine. . 

Well, I heard RHOBH is coming soon and I hope it’s ALOT better than the mess of last season. Hopefully Kyle will be able to finally reconnect with viewers and get away from the mean girl persona. I’m also anxious to see where Kim Richards falls into the equation. I have my doubts that she’s a full-time Housewife. 

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