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This may be Joe and Melissa Gorga’s lucky day!  Kai Patterson is planning to vacate their mansion and terminate the rental agreement and the purchase arrangement! 

In case you’ve been asleep or visiting another planet over the past few months, you can catch up on the Gorga Mansion drama here, here, here and here.  And here.  Also here.  For the rest of you, read on! 

A judge ruled earlier this week that Kai Patterson must pay the Gorgas more than $30,000 in unpaid rent, late fees and $7500 toward Joe’s attorney fees. Tonight Kai shares with us that he’s bailing on Casa de Beaver and no longer wants to rent it or buy it from the Gorgas.  Somewhere in Jersey Melissa is saying “thank you, Jesus!” over this news. 

In a new statement Patterson shares, “I have tried to reach out to Mr. Gorga to come to an agreement since ruling by the Judge, but he refuses to take my calls.  When I called Mr. Gorga with a blocked number, he answered and hung up when he heard my voice.  I assumed that after the court order, Mr. Gorga and I could sit down like gentlemen and come to a resolution, but I am now convinced that is not going to happen.” 

He now feels their relationship is too tainted to move forward with the purchase and he found a new home to move to already!   “At this point, I believe our relationship is too unhealthy to continue renting or purchasing Mr. Gorga’s property.  I have located another home on Friday that I like very much, and I have provided my attorney with terms to enter into a termination settlement agreement.  Since there is no apparent potential resolution to repair the outstanding problems that currently exist in Mr. Gorga’s property, I have no desire to purchase it.  The conditions of the property at the time I entered into the agreements no longer existed when I took possession, and there are provisions within the purchase agreement that allow it to be cancelled if the conditions of the property change before purchase.  These terms do not require habitability issues to exist to terminate the agreement.  The agreement can be terminated if leaks exist, and four (4) have been identified in the inspection report that have not been resolved. “

He continues, “I don’t want to pay Mr. Gorga rent, pay for the repairs of his property and hope the court will grant me a credit.  The conditions of the property are not worth the rent the agreement requires.  The conditions would never allow the property to appraise anywhere close to the contracted selling price, which means I would have to take a huge financial loss if I purchased this property.  Furthermore, my business is taking off and I would rather spend my time helping children, then fighting in court with Mr. Gorga or making repairs.”

And more, “Again, I am very happy with the Judge’s decision, because I saved over $510,000 in past and future fees originally required under the agreements.  It was important to obtain the court order issued by the Judge, to prevent Mr. Gorga from seeking those funds in a lawsuit if I just previously decided to leave and not fight.  If the problems that incurred between the execution of our agreements and the time I took possession were not disclosed, when we were not adversaries, taking any steps to purchase his property or remain his tenant while we are at odds is not socially healthy.  He will never believe that it was his responsibility to winterize the property to prevent the problems that exist, because he was angry that I delayed taking possession.  He and I will never see eye-to-eye on this issue, so we should just cut our ties.  I’ve been called a “Nightmare Tenant”, when all I wanted was value for my money.  Not being able to use appliances, faucets, and having to endure leaks does not present the value condition for my money.  Now compound that with legal litigation and an owner that will not take your calls, and you have a terrible situation.  This notification is not intended to bash Mr. Gorga, because I believe the transition shall be smoother if we put the past behind us and work towards a quick transition.”

Kai claims he’s still paying the back rent he was order to cough up.  “I am providing my attorney with the funds to hold in escrow that are required to be posted with the court to ensure nobody can make the argument I do not have the funds.  My $25,000 purchase deposit I paid Mr. Gorga can be credited to the time it will take me to move and the attorney fees granted to Mr. Gorga, which will provide a mutual offset.  I will keep you informed of the developments of the termination settlement agreement.” 

Hopefully Joe and Melissa get a decent sum in settlement for this.  And that they can move back home ASAP and get the house fixed up and back on the market before they get any more buried in house hell than they are already.  I’m sure they’ll be thrilled to put an end to this disaster. 


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