VIDEO: Farrah Abraham Performs Her “Hit” Song ‘Blowin’ Live!

farrah abraham performs 'blowin' live

I cannot help but love Farrah Abraham, the delusional little train wreck that just keeps chugging! She is the little engine of insanity that could – and will – and most importantly, does! For instance, taking a break from supervising home schooling and coochie molding, Farrah recorded a song called ‘Blowin‘ – and here she is performing it live!

No, no – Blowin’ is not about doing things to James Deen‘s peen, or sex tapes that were sooooo blown out of proportion, or all the guys that have blown her off for being coo-c00 for cocoa puffs, or about blowing into breathalyzers and getting a DUI, or about MTV also blowing her off for the return of Teen Mom. It’s about FARRAH blowing goodbye to all the haters! Cause she’s Farrah Abraham: SUPERSTAR


This weekend Farrah strutted her stuff in an adult-sized tutu and hopped on stage at the 340 Club in Paloma, CA. If that name sounds familiar to you it’s because Miss Super Christian Abraham launched her sex toy line there a few months ago – and she returned to launch her singing career! What exactly did the 340 Club do to deserve Farrah, bless their hearts? I hope Farrah blew them lots and lots of kisses! 

Farrah’s not safe for virgin ears performance began at midnight. And it was truly a spectacular thing to behold! “Love my Fans , Thankful 4 the support #BLOWIN all those bullies away #FullHouse Being Yourself is making you famous,” Farrah tweeted about the performance. Well you can listen for yourself below.

And there are also photos from Farrah’s glorious evening and performance, below! 

Credit: Farrah’s Instagram

BTW: Ashley’s Reality Roundup was present for the performance and reports that Farrah was actually lip-syncing the song! 

farrah abraham hits the stage to perform 'Blowin'

Farrah – SUPERSINGER! I hope Jessica Alba can sing! [Instagram]

Farrah Abraham 'Blowin' TuTu

Farrah’s stage attire. 

farrah abraham hosts a peep show

Farrah also hosted a peep show at 340 club. “Hosting a male peep show last night was quit intriguing …. I’ll be expecting more from my future husband now”

farrah abraham blowin performance

What I imagine this conversation went like: “I have a fan – me?! Squeal!!” 

[Main Photo Credit: Facebook]