Photos: Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Cast Returns From Amsterdam! What Drama Went Down?

 Beverly Hills Housewives arrive at LAX

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills cast took a trip to Yolanda Foster‘s homeland in Amsterdam, but it also served a dual purpose for new cast members Lisa Rinna and Eileen Davidson to catch up with former Bold & The Beautiful co-stars, who were filming on-location there. 

The cast was spotted arriving at LAX on Friday with enough luggage to build one of their mansions. Everyone looked tired and a bit somber, as if the drama that reportedly went on between Brandi Glanville and Lisa R had taken its toll on the group. Brandi apparently is jealous of Lisa’s fabulous, happy lifestyle. #NewSeasonDifferentLisaSameJealousy

Lisa refused to answer any questions about the trip and just continued walking with her head down and her sweater clutched closed. 


Kyle Richards was the only one in a chipper mood as she smiled for paparazzi and answered questions about whether or not Yolanda was threatening to quit over her ex-husband Mohamed Hadid‘s fiancé Shiva Safai being part of the cast. “Yolanda is very insecure and worries that Shiva, who is younger and prettier, will steal her thunder,” a source quipped. “She’s nice to Shiva for the show, but she can’t stand her.” 

Kim Richards is also reportedly ready to toss in her Housewives badge over issues with Eileen who is allegedly being dismissive of Kim and denouncing her as nothing more than Kyle’s hanger-on. Previous reports said Eileen referred to Kim as an “airhead and a bore.” Eeks. Nobody puts Rambles in a corner! 

“I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out,” Kyle laughed in response to the quitting rumors as she hair-flipping her way through LAX. As for who Kyle isn’t getting along with, sources say she and Brandi but also she and Lisa Rinna have been at odds. Kyle makes it clear she doesn’t have issues with “them” (Kim or Yolanda), but “maybe some others!” You can see the videos at The Daily Mail, link below. 

And that was pretty much the highlight of Kyle’s life being surrounded by the paparazzi. See what being linked to Lisa Rinna can do for you, Splits!

As for Brandi, The Daily Mail caught her as she shrugged off accusations of drama, but had her usual “I’m just being Brandi!” smirk attached to it! 

More photos of the ladies are below! 

Beverly Hills Housewives arrive at LAXBeverly Hills Housewives arrive at LAXBeverly Hills Housewives arrive at LAX

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