NeNe Leakes Says She Has The Support Of Real Celebrities So She’s Leaving RHOA Castmates In The Dust!

nene leakes on wwhl after RHOA season 7 premiere 

NeNe Leakes seems to have forgotten where she came from! Since landing a gig in Broadway’s Cinderella sources reveal that her ego is out of control – and she thinks she’s a big-name star! As she prepares to perform in the play NeNe is bragging about a potentially star-studded guest list coming just to see her! 

Kim Kardashian is coming to see me, and she’s bringing North. Teresa [Giudice]’s bringing her daughters,” NeNe boasts. “More celebrities will come. I’m sure.” Umm… celebrities or “celebrities.” But of course, Kim will come, because duh – paparazzi might be there to take photo of her acting like she cares about igNori. But I suppose, a children’s play is better than a fashion show


I’m sure Andy Cohen will also make an appearance on that star-studded guest list, but her Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars will not! “Of course they don’t want to support me,”NeNe snapped. “I’m leaving them all in the dust.”

NeNe’s diva attitude doesn’t stop there! She says producers of the play were dying to hire her! In fact they wanted her stint as the wicked stepmother, Madame to begin in September, but NeNe had other commitments – she was still filming for RHOA – “They went scrambling to find another stepmother,” NeNe insisted to NY Daily News. Sherri Shepard played the part before NeNe. Reps for the play decline to comment on this allegation. 

Despite rumors that NeNe was demanding to work with, producers of the play and the play’s costume designer say NeNe was a pleasure to work with. NeNe herself, calls the experience a dream come true,”I’m not a crybaby, but this is my fairy tale.”

Good for NeNe for achieving this, but time to stop rubbing it in people’s faces! It is that attitude that makes people lose respect for your accomplishments. Speaking of which, NeNe’s out of control ego is allegedly what led to the demise in her friendship with Cynthia Bailey – at least according to Demetria McKinney

“The bits and pieces of what I saw was a Type-A versus Type-B personality,” Demetria explains. “Cynthia is very, very non-confrontational. She really likes peace.”

Demetria will join RHOA this season as a ‘Friend of the Housewives’ and is connected to Cynthia through the entertainment industry. Which means that of course she is Team Cynthia, unequivocally. Demetria gushes about Cynthia’s giving nature and her incredibly supportive personality. Because apparently Cynthia is a saint. Saint of Stupidity. 

Meanwhile, according to Demetria, NeNe “has to have attention — especially from somebody that she cares about.”

Demetria gushes to Wetpaint that it was high time for Cynthia to stand up for herself. She’s free to be me now, you guys! “I think the falling out had to happen in order for both of them to grow. I think NeNe needs to realize Cynthia is her own person, has her own mind, will make her own path,” says Demetria, the Housewives Whisperer and Official RHOA Doctor Of Delusionality and Denialitude.

Cynthia had to know that she could stand on her own two feet without that leverage,” Dr. Demetria continues. “It’s good to have friends, but when your friends take you out of who you really are, it’s detrimental to anybody.”

Hmmm… Demetria does make good points – and I’m not used to a Housewife that tries to be rational. I may be in shock! But this is why she is only a ‘Friend’ on the show. I do think NeNe’s ego is all NeNe – she expects everyone in her life to orbit around Planet NeNe and when you don’t you get cast aside to Planet Trash. But Cynthia, a saint, not quite! Cynthia needs to stop blaming others for her issues and take accountability. 


 [Photo Credit: Bravo]