Suze Orman Gives Teresa Giudice Financial Advice; Victoria Gotti Says Teresa Will Never Leave Joe Giudice!

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It’s too little, too late, but legendary financial guru Suze Orman is administering some advice to legendary financial frauder Teresa Giudice! Like, remember that penny you found in the bathroom at the Real Housewives Of New Jersey reunion? Save it! Like, duh! 

I kid. Most specifically Suze is advising all women – based on what happened to Teresa – not to blindly allow their husbands to control the money. Know what is going on in your family’s finances. As you recall, Teresa and Joe Giudice have both claimed he was the ‘mastermind’ (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!) behind their 41 count financial fraud indictment and Teresa was just an innocent player in signing her name to whatever document he put in front of her! 

“It’s a prime example for women, that if they don’t think the behaviors of somebody that they are involved with financially-speaking is going to affect them, I’m here to tell them they’d better watch what’s happening,” Suze states, explaining the situation Teresa found herself in, leading to a prison sentence and her businesses to collapse as a result of the negative publicity. 


Of course, Suze thinks Teresa and Joe probably would have spent themselves into a prison cell no matter who managed the money. “I think they probably would have done that no matter what. They get caught up in a spending cycle because they want everyone to think they are more than they are,” she quipped, as reported by NY Daily News. At least Suze believes Teresa is able to serve as an example to other women – learn from her mistakes

Despite everything Teresa and Joe have been through, Teresa’s friend Victoria Gotti believes Teresa will always stand by her man – and their marriage will definitely last through imprisonment and possible deportation!

Teresa adores Joe. I watch them at dinner…Teresa is the wife who is still madly in love with her husband,” Victoria told Wendy Williams. Teresa is serving 15 months and Joe will serve 41 months – even with time off for good behavior that’s a long time apart! Following that there is a very real possibility Joe could be deported to his birth-country of Italy. The couple the scams together, stands together! It’s like a modern-day Disney fairy tale! 

Tonight is the final part of the RHONJ reunion – which has occupied an ever-shifting time-slot on Bravo, as if they are trying to desperately cover up and erase this tragic season. I think we can predict a MAJOR recast next year!

Bravo tried to woo fans with a new family drama saga, first concerning Teresa Aprea‘s marriage and an accusation that her husband slept with his mother-in-law (which – too gross!). When that didn’t entice viewers they tried to recirculate Jacqueline Laurita into the mix to get her and Dina Manzo to confront their family feuding on-screen. That, as we know, never quite panned out

With the show in despair, ratings at an all-time low, and Teresa heading to prison for a year (and reportedly landing a spinoff following that), Bravo will scramble to rekindle that original magic. They’re supposedly bringing Jacqueline back full-time next season – at least according to her tweets – but I say it’s time for them to wipe the slate completely clean with a whole new cast for viewers to connect to. Caroline Manzo is happy in spinoff-land, Dina has already quit, and the only person providing any interest this season was Amber Marchese‘s tumultuous husband Jim

On tonight’s episode of the reunion Teresa cries and bids farewell to the reality show that both ruined her life and elevated it beyond her wildest dreams. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting, and also kind of sniffling, because it seems to us that this is sort of like bidding farewell to an era of RHONJ. We’re both sad and relieved. 


[Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo]