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Claudia Jordan burst onto Real Housewives Of Atlanta this week and she isn’t holding back! I have a feeling Claudia will be fun, until you piss her off and then watch it! She is all about the hustle and seems intent on making a name for herself as more than Kenya Moore‘s bestie! 

Reacting to her inaugural episode, Claudia describes her friendship with Kenya and throws some shade on NeNe Leakes for calling her thirsty. Interestingly, Claudia doesn’t comment on Porsha Stewart and Cynthia Bailey‘s fight! She works with Porsha and is good friends with Cynthia, so I am curious about her perspective!


On Claudia’s Craziest Kenya Moment:

“For her birthday we went to a karaoke bar and performed ‘Nasty Girls.’ Of course I was terrible, because I’m Rhythmless Nation over here, but Kenya was pretty good. I mean she’s no Mariah in the voice department, but what I like about her is she commits to the bit.” Wait, wait… but isn’t Kenya a singer, recording another song. But she cannot sing?! Aghast… 

On Moving To Atlanta And Joining Dish Nation: 

“The funny thing about being in radio is I never thought I’d make a career out of it. When I lived in LA, I’d always prefer frequenting the comedy hotspots over the night clubs. Once Rickey [Smiley] came by the Foxxhole Radio Show (the show I co-hosted with Jamie Foxx) and we had SUCH a fun show! I really love to laugh and make others laugh. It makes me feel good and alive! I totally appreciate my job. It’s a blessing and I just want to keep getting better and better.”

On NeNe Calling Her “Thirsty”

“I mean how is it ‘thirsty’ of me to be in a city where I just got hired to work? I didn’t understand that comment. As someone that always prides herself for being such a hard worker, a hustler, and a worker bee, I was surprised that NeNe would say something that seemed shady about another fellow hard worker like myself, who is just out here making my own money and pursuing my own dreams,” Claudia says

“The irony of it all is that our professional paths have crossed in Atlanta before, so why would it be ‘thirsty’ of me to be out here now? I auditioned for the Rickey Smiley show and got the job, signed my contract, and relocated like I’m supposed to. So as far as being ‘thirsty,’ I’m actually quite satisfied and whatever thirst I may have had for bookings has clearly been quenched.” 

Personally I think NeNe was reacting more to Bravo hiring another Housewife who isn’t from Atlanta, first Kenya, then Claudia.

If Claudia did in fact move to Atlanta to work and joining RHOA was serendipitous, than it’s an interesting storyline of her integrating into Atlanta and making a new life there, but if she got hired in Atlanta just to join RHOA, then yes, thirsty she is!

So far, I think Claudia seems really fun, but I wonder just how long she’ll last in Kenya’s shadows? If the reports of this season’s drama are true, that Claudia is going for it to make a name for herself on this show! 


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