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Cynthia Bailey is tired of being considered useless on Real Housewives Of Atlanta so she’s fighting hard this season to prove she has a voice, a place on this show, and can read with the best of them. While she has a ways to go, at least she’s trying to earn that paycheck the good old fashioned Kenya Moore way – by riling people up and causing drama!

One thing Cynthia doesn’t understand is that if NeNe Leakes is over their friendship, why does NeNe keep bringing her up? “Kandi invited Phaedra and a couple of the ladies for a spa day. Kandi’s intention for this gathering was to give Phaedra a day of relaxation and a well-deserved break. With that said, I found it odd to be the main topic of conversation. One minute I’m irrelevant, and the next minute I am the focus of the universe,” Cynthia wonders. 


Cynthia also wonders how anyone could continue to question Kenya’s relationship with Apollo after he admitted he fabricated the entire thing. Cynthia believes the ladies just don’t like Kenya and will do anything to make her look bad. Well, I mean… that is a very good possibility. But with that logic one might surmise that Kenya doesn’t like herself and will do anything to make herself look bad. The same can also be said for Cynthia, who just cannot ditch that goiter of a payday loan Peter Thomas, no matter how many times he done her wrong as a huzzzband!

“I think that when some of these women have an issue with you (or just don’t like you), they seem to take pleasure in discrediting your character. It is discouraging to see strong, successful women choose to perpetuate a lie rather than admit they could have made a mistake and apologize accordingly,” Cynthia laments in a point I quite agree with! 

“Just the mere possibility that this situation could be false should be enough for anyone to give Kenya the benefit of the doubt,” Cynthia continues. “I applaud Kandi for being her own woman and apologizing to Kenya.”

Finally Cynthia wants to know – why would Apollo lie about lying? “What did Apollo have to gain by admitting to Kenya that he lied about LA when his confession only discredited and incriminated his own personal character? All things considered it would have been easier for him to stay quiet and let the lie live on.”

“I will never understand why Apollo felt the need to put himself in this position in the first place, however I respect his decision to come clean,” Cynthia concludes. “Everyone makes mistakes, but it takes real integrity to admit that you are wrong and want to right that wrong.” I wouldn’t exactly label anything Apollo did as having “integrity” but perhaps Cynthia has low-standards where that bar is concerned… 

Cynthia also says Kenya finally has the opportunity to obtain “much needed peace and closure.” Closure, yes, I’d like that too where text-gate is concerned. Can’t someone else do something scandalous enough that we don’t have to hear about this again! 


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