claudia jordan and porsha williams face-off over lunch

Porsha Williams had an “intellectual mind frame” stimulating conversation with Claudia Jordan this week about how she would rather “choke bitch” than  have a sit-down with Kenya Moore! Porsha believes Claudia invited her to the lunch to try and get information out of her to report back to Kenya and to provoke her! 

“Prior to our lunch date I had already heard that Claudia had attended Cynthia’s magazine release party. She wanted to help Kenya’s efforts in denying bullying me and provoking me in the past,” the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star says.”However, despite me knowing that I decided to make the effort and have lunch with a fellow co-worker who seemed cool.”


“As soon as I arrived, I realized I was there to so call ‘explain myself’ and be forced to sit down with Kenya. Once again, I am at a luncheon with someone who has completely different motives than myself. I simply felt it was too soon for Claudia to be so intrusive, seeing that we can’t identify ourselves as friends as of yet! I would rather she and I take time and we get to know each other naturally without the involvement of anyone else,” Porsha tells OK! Magazine. 

Porsha says Claudia definitely arrived at lunch with an agenda – a transparent agenda, at that! – and wanted to get dirt on her to report back to Kenya! “Claudia wasn’t there to take things slow at all. I was questioned all the way from how did the drama between Kenya and I begin, to how my attorney and I will handle the issue to what is the status of the court case.”

“That to me was too much for afternoon pleasantries!” Porsha quips. “My advice to Claudia was to not bring up other people or past situations, let’s start fresh.”

Porsha continues, “You don’t need to know my past for us to have a friendship in the future. Will I be able to work on a relationship with Claudia even though she is Kenya’s bestie and Cynthia’s friend? The answer is yes. I am open to trying, I just needed for her to toast, take a sip, and move on from the petty dramatic conversation. Get to know me for me and we will be okay.”

As for Kandi Burruss letting Kenya know that Porsha and NeNe Leakes do not believe Apollo’s apology, Porsha denies that Kandi was trying to be messy. 

“I think Kandi is sweet and just wanted to make it right. She was trying to get to the truth,” Porsha explains. “Because of all Apollo [Nida] and Kenya went through was a lie on Apollo’s end, Kandi wanted to make it right between her and Kenya. I do wish that she didn’t tell Kenya. But at the end of the day Kandi is going to tell it like it is. Only problem is she gave Kenya more of an excuse to play victim and test her old acting skills out. But all in all Kandi means well.”

Porsha also has a surprise for us as well – she’s currently working on an album! Oh my… And a lingerie line, of which we’ve already gotten a sneak peek.  “I am actually in the studio as we speak with an amazing producer. It’s been about three months and we are really trying to capture who ‘Porsha’ is right now. I do have an accessories line that is in the making and will be out at the top of the new year. And my lingerie line is finally ready for its debut.” 

Lord – do we really need more products for the Bravo Home Shopping Network? And instead of music, weaves, lingerie, and booze can someone please start making a line of courtroom attire and mugshot frames? Let’s be frank, that’s where the money is with the Real Housewives these days!


[Photo Credits: Bravo]

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