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Claudia Jordan might be the new girl on Real Housewives of Atlanta… but she already has her co-stars, and their less than admirable intentions, figured out. Claudia took to her blog to share her thoughts on Porsha Williams acting like a child and NeNe Leakes and Phaedra Parks choosing to hate on Kenya Moore despite the fact that Apollo Nida admitted he lied about her. 

About Porsha blowing her off, Claudia said, “I was surprised when I saw the shade at work, because before I moved to Atlanta, Porsha and I had hung out a few times in NYC and Miami and we have always had a good time.” 

“I’m just the type that believes in at least trying,” Claudia said about reaching out to Porsha. “And I’m also not the type of woman that can ever be influenced to like or not like someone else based on anyone else’s opinion or experience. Maybe because of my journalism roots, but I like to see and find out for myself. I could never have another grown woman put a battery in my back or a thought in my brain. That is the ultimate fail.”


“When you open yourself to try to get an understanding of another person, you are not only doing the right thing, but you are independently thinking,” continued Claudia. “You are giving yourself and the other person a fair chance. I have made some amazing friends and not everyone started off perfectly, but having a mature and open-minded attitude will enhance your life far more than it will hurt it. Again, I’m open minded and independently thinking, and I think a pretty fair person. So if someone has good intentions and a good heart, most likely I will notice it.”

Claudia‘s mistake: assuming there’s even an ounce of maturity in Porsha

About Porsha acting like a child at lunch, Claudia shared, “Honestly, I was the new girl, and I just figured that Porsha was holding out on me. I was thinking, ‘OK, I know she knows there’s a reason I asked her to lunch, and it certainly wasn’t to discuss Tom Ford lotion,’ so actually I was perplexed! Why are you stalling answering my questions when we can hash it out and we can both go about our business? I thought that I came at her in a very cool, fair, and non-abrasive way, so when Porsha refused to even discuss Kenya in any way, I thought that was odd.”

“I know miracles don’t happen overnight and some friendships will quite frankly never materialize. So I figured as someone who is new in town and has no enemies, I’d love to be able to go to everyone’s event and support all the ladies and sometimes invite Kenya along with me and not have to worry about any problems if we run into Porsha. That fight was very detrimental and sad to me. I cringe when I think about it actually. So if there is even the smallest thing that I could do to try to help avoid another incident, why not? Hey, at least I can say I tried. Again, I’m not expecting them to be BFFs, but we are in a group, and we all attend the same events, so if it can be a little less awkward, why not? I do not regret trying to bridge the gap at all. And yes, I’d do it again. It’s the right thing to do.”

Moving on, Claudia said she was disappointed Phaedra changed her mindset about Kenya – on last week’s show, Phaedra said Kenya deserves an apology – after NeNe got in her ear.

“I’m more surprised and disappointed that anyone would let another woman’s opinion change their own. I know for sure I heard at least one person say that they thought they owed Kenya an apology for spreading the ‘Kenya is a whore’ rumor. Then all it took was one statement from NeNe that she didn’t believe that Apollo was telling the truth this time, and boom, others fell right into line. That was amazing to me! I’m like wow, Ms. Leakes, please teach me how you just pulled that Jedi mind trick!”

About Kandi Burruss, she added, “But that scene made me have even more respect for Kandi, because she didn’t go with the crowd just to pile on and be a mean girl. She stood strong on what she believed and said, ‘Hey, I owe her an apology, and that’s what I’m going to do.’ That, my friends, was a grown woman move. They are becoming more and more rare I see, so when I see these moves, I must celebrate them. Yay Kandi!”

“I think deep down they all know that Kenya was not trying to have an affair with Apollo, but to admit that truth now would give them less of a reason to hate her. And for some reason folks would rather hate than get along. If you take away the lie that Kenya was interested in Apollo, what do you have against the woman? You may think she does too much at times, OK, um, so do many of the ladies. These are big personalities.”

Claudia concluded, “So then I hear, ‘Well Kenya was wrong for flirting with Apollo.’ Yet no one seemed to have a problem when NeNe Leakes was all over Peter making her flirtatious comments. You know why? Because Kenya is beautiful, so no one will believe that she could actually just be playing around just like NeNe was. These are the inconsistencies in this group that I’m starting to notice. And it’s just not right. Now if you simply do not like Kenya because she rubs you the wrong way, fine… but to assault this woman’s integrity and give her the scarlet letter to wear is just not cool. No ma’am. If you were going to believe Apollo when he first claimed he had some dealings with Kenya, then dammit, you should believe him now that he came clean and admitted he was lying. It’s all pretty damn simple to me. Right?”

If there’s ever an award for longest Real Housewives blog, Claudia‘s going to be stiff competition for Yolanda Foster and Amber Marchese. If you want to know more about her job or her toes, you can read her blog in its entirety here.


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