Porsha Williams Questions Kenya Moore’s Honesty; Is Disgusted By Her Victim Act!

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It’s no secret that Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore despise each other – and despite Apollo Nida admitting that he lied about Kenya propositioning him in LA, Porsha isn’t so sure we’re getting the whole truth. But one thing she is sure of is that she and Kenya will never be friends! 

Oh lord, Porsha is about to be called the ultimate “slut-shamer” because despite what we’ve learned she’s questioning some facts – and unabashedly defending Phaedra Parks‘ “Whore-Moore” reaction. 

“When this whole affair took place two years ago, even though I wasn’t that close to Phaedra at the time, I felt her pain. I know what it is like to be with someone who isn’t faithful. I can’t imagine how it must have felt to think your husband is possibly sleeping with a co-worker or being inappropriate,” the Real Housewives Of Atlanta extra says. (“Affair?)


Porsha continues by questioning whether Apollo’s lie was actually a lie. Heavens… “I remember Kenya admitting to Kandi that she did see Apollo in LA last season. That’s why I don’t understand why she’s now forcing Apollo to back track and clear something she admitted in private with Kandi. But hey, that’s none of my business.” Hmmm… what say ye  – did Kenya admit to seeing Apollo in LA (I don’t recall)?

Author’s Opinion: Kenya did behave inappropriately and she did so to cause a ruckus. A lot of people are calling “slut-shaming,” but that’s not what’s happening here – no one was getting on Kenya for being sexual, they were getting on Kenya for behaving sexually towards another woman’s husband.

I find it hard to believe that most married women would be OK with their husband receiving “Hey Babe” texts from an acquaintance or co-worker, or behaving flirtatiously towards him. I wouldn’t be (I’m married). Now of course, as said a zillion times, Apollo bears most of the onus, but Kenya knew he was married. Also, I am 100% if the situation was reversed and an unmarried woman was being flirty with HER husband, Kenya would be twirling like a destructive tornado. That said, Phaedra was completely inappropriate and trashy to be calling Kenya a “whore” and mocking her for being single.

Now, back to Porsha – cause we don’t wanna miss that!

As for a potential friendship with Kenya, Porsha says she’s over it – unless Kenya takes some responsibility! “I’m exhausted from going around in circles with a person who doesn’t mean well. She can never give a sincere apology because those come from the heart. At this point, I’m not sure she has one or a conscience.”

Kenya “represents a woman who is lost in ‘Fake Reality’ and will most likely realize it isn’t real and have nothing because instead of using her gifts and being a blessing, she will have spent her life being envious and tearing down others who are actually living in the real world,” according to Porsha.

“Last week as I watched the show, I was in complete shock to see this woman play ‘The Victim’ after she blatantly used props, pointing them in my face and shouting obscenities through a bullhorn in my ears,” Porsha says. “It made me sorry for a woman of her age with such behavior! She needs help in a real way. I find it pathetic that she would try to toy with the hearts of our fans and cry wolf by making claims of being attacked, then in a blink of an eye sing a song about dragging me by my hair.”

Oh – an speaking of hair, Porsha says Kenya’s is fake and she can prove it! “I saw Kenya’s full sew-in & track, on a RHOA international trip,” she quips, suggesting Kenya buy some GoNakedHair sold by hers truly! 

“If Kenya takes responsibility for the use of props at the reunion, yes, there might be a chance for a new start between the two of us,” she tells OK! Magazine. Porsha too is playing victim! She is blaming Kenya for HER behavior at the reunion. Ladies, get over it! 

On Cynthia Bailey turning into Kenya 2.0

“I feel like this season she has decided to ‘do whatever it takes’ for her to make it. I believe that because of her financial misfortune she has chosen to act like Kenya, doing anything for a check.  At the end of the day, we are only left with our self-worth & integrity. Instead, she has sold both to have a storyline and check.” Well she Cynthia is married to Living Payday Loan Peter Thomas!

What’s funny is Porsha calling out Cynthia for being like Kenya, while she herself has turned into a mini NeNe Leakes! Porsha also calls Cynthia a “mean girl” and accuses her of “mimicking evil” around her

Man, you can always count on the ladies of RHOA for a good helping of delusion and shenanigans for as much as I love to snark on Porsha and Kenya, they bring delight to my life for their sheer wackiness and willingness to go big or go home. Kenya and Porsha are two crazy-ass peas in a pod – let’s hope they never team up. 


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