Former Real Housewives of Atlanta co-stars NeNe Leakes and Kim Zolciak-Biermann were reunited tonight as guests on Watch What Happens Live.  The on-again friends had a good time reminiscing with Andy Cohen and a lot of alcohol was consumed, we think….

The first question is: What was the cause of their falling out?  NeNe:  I think over the years of being on the show and the stress and other people chiming in. We just kind of broke apart.” 

How did they become friends again?  NeNe: “I would say time. Time heals wounds.”  Kim agrees.

NeNe shares that she hasn’t met Kim’s twins, Kaia and Kane (who just turned a year old).  Then NeNe (is she tipsy?) says that she’s having another baby.  But Andy assumes she means another grandbaby – but she doesn’t respond and they go to break.

A caller asks if Kim did something to her face, she says it’s a new makeup artist.  (for the record, she doesn’t look like she’s had any tweaks or fillers, thankfully!!)

Andy reads a Tweet from Kenya Moore, wanting to know if Andy will ask NeNe if she is going to write that $20,000 donation check to Detroit Public Schools Foundation.  NeNe just rambles nonsensically about not talking about Kenya tonight and tries to laugh it off.  But Andy persists, asking “are you going to write that check before the reunion?”  NeNe Says “when i feel like it. Just like when she felt like it.  It took her ten months to cough it up. Girl, bye.  You’re not a part of this circle and never will be.” 

A caller says that NeNe once said she’d never be friends with Kim again, like she’s saying now about Cynthia Bailey, but she did forgive Kim and rekindle their friendship.  What’s different?  “I say I won’t ever be friends with Cynthia again, I never will.  This is the truth.  Let me just explain that. First, Cynthia and my relationship was very different than my relationship with Kim.  Cynthia and I talked all the time, spent holidays together, we were at each other’s homes all the time.  Kim and I weren’t like that. I wasn’t talking to Kim 7 times a day and I wasn’t in her house all the time like that. I feel like Cynthia is making it seem as if I really have done something to her.  When I watch the show, I’m thinking ‘did I do something so horrible for someone you have been really good friends with?’  and the way she’s changed.  Anna Mae needs to get a new storyline.”

They play Plead The Fifth with questions Kim came up with for NeNe.  She answers them all.

1. What is the one thing you regret saying about me during the run of the show?  “Oh God Kim, I’ve said so much shit about you.  ‘Close your legs to married men.'”  Kim thanks for her being sorry for that one.

2. What is your honest opinion of the song ‘don’t be tardy for the party’?   “I thought it was a fun song, honestly.  I admit I clapped and tapped my toe when I heard it in the club.” 

3.  What is your favorite name that you’ve called me on the show? Trashbox, hooker, etc.  “NeNe agrees that her favorite and the fans’ favorite is Trashbox.”  Kim said it doesn’t hurt her feelings – they both made each other mad back then. 

A caller asks if Kim is going to drop any new music singles.  She says no.  She’s a one hit wonder and she’s good. 

A Tweeter wants to know how Kim eats so much junk and looks this good.  Kim says she’s doing her 310 shakes, but she thinks a lot of it is genetics and a lot of sex.

Kim shares that she quit smoking.  She said she’ll be sharing all her secrets on how she did it very soon – she says it was the easiest thing ever, even after 20 years.


If the AfterShow ever loads for me, I’ll share that in the morning. 


Photo Credit: Instagram