Cynthia Bailey Hasn’t Given Up On Friendship With NeNe Leakes; NeNe’s Role In Cinderella Attracting Huge Audiences!

nene leakes and cynthia bailey in grey

Cynthia Bailey and NeNe Leakes are officially on the outs, after a confrontation on this week’s episode Cynthia admits that while she hasn’t given up on her friendship with NeNe, it will never be the same. 

“I don’t foresee us being BFF’s again. But I would love to see Nene and I in a place where we’re cordial and we have respect for each other and we can have a good time together,” the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star admits. “I miss having fun with her. But we’re not at that place yet.”

Cynthia calls their confrontation necessary and explains it was a longtime coming. “There was a lot of anger, a lot of hurt and a lot of feelings going on. It’s hard to stay mad at someone you really cared about—at least for me.” As we know, it’s not that way for NeNe!


Despite being hopeful of a friendship in the future with NeNe, she is relieved things have changed – and what’s changed the most is that Cynthia has learned! “My friendship with NeNe just took a lot of time and energy. We were really friends. We really hung out together outside of the show, we really talked on the phone several times a day,” she tells E! News.

“I’m not going to say my marriage is better because she’s not in it, my focus has changed,” Cynthia continues. “My focus is back on my family and on my husband. So yes, I’m definitely happier, my husband is happier, my whole family is happier. Going forward I won’t put that much energy into another friendship again. It was just too much.” Well, when you put friendship contract level importance on a friendship, what does one expect?!

In fact, Cynthia says a lot of things about her have changed this season. “What everyone’s seen for a while is the Cynthia who has always taken the high road, always tried to stay classy, always tried to rise above. But that doesn’t always work with these ladies–a lot of times they mistake your kindness for weakness… “

“I’ve never felt I had anything to prove anything to these girls. But I’m at my breaking point,” Cynthia adds. “The dynamics of the friendships have changed. And I think that’s a good thing. I think I’m in a stronger position now.” Yes, now that she has allied herself with Kenya Moore, who is as thirsty for prominence and dominance as Cynthia is for money and respect. The jury is out on Claudia Jordan but if she stays on this show I do not see her relationship with Kenya staying drama-free and peaceful… 

Cynthia also discusses NeNe moving on to Phaedra Parks and how that will affect the dynamic of the show. “I feel like [Phaedra] gravitated to who she wanted to gravitate to. With her being friends with Nene, it’s maybe a conflict of interest for her to be friends with me. She had to pick one or the other and she’s riding with NeNe.”

I am curious about the status of Kandi Burruss‘ relationship with Phaedra, after filming wrapped Phaedra said they were still best buds, but something tells me a conflict is coming there too… NeNe needs absolute loyalty and I don’t want to say she preys on the weak, but… 

And now for some good news! NeNe is thriving in Broadway’s Cinderella. She has the celebs coming out, she’s loving her NYC lifestyle, and during the Thanksgiving weekend the show attracted huge audiences! The Bellingham Herald reports that overall the Thanksgiving weekend was great for Broadway, but that NeNe’s turn in as Madame, along with KeKe Palmer as Cinderella, is bringing in the biggest audience the show has had yet –  taking in $1,115,935 that weekend alone! 

Congratulations NeNe – whoa. Now write that Detroit Public School check! 


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