RHOBH's Kyle Richards

Teresa Giudice has friends in low high places in the form of Kyle Richards. As a mother, the Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star sympathizes with how Teresa must be feeling. Meanwhile Yolanda Foster just wants a healthy holiday, because the one thing money (or My David) can’t buy is freedom from Lyme Brain! 

As a mother with 4 daughters Kyle is worried for her fellow-Housewife Teresa as she prepares for prison. “I can’t imagine what she’s feeling right now – every day must feel like a countdown,” Kyle expressed.  


“I honestly think about Teresa way more than I probably should,” Kyle admits. “I just cannot imagine being separated from my children for that long.”  

“She must be absolutely devastated,” Kyle mused to Perez Hilton.  

Well Kyle – I think I just found something we have in common: I honestly think about Teresa way more than I should too. Call it an occupational habit! 

Moving on, what do you get the girl who as everything including a private plane the size of a duplex? Why a cure for Lyme Disease, of course! “My only wish is that I will find a cure for Lyme disease this coming year,” Yolanda tells InStyle Magazine.

“No wish or gift means anything when you don’t have your health to enjoy it.” Naturally the benevolent Yolanda plans to share this cure with the millions of others suffering from the disease. It’s nice that she’s not planning to keep the gift of health to herself! 

Tonight – surprisingly given that it’s Christmas – is a new episode of RHOBH. Yolanda and Eileen Davidson bond over matters of motherhood when they meet for lunch. Lisa Rinna travels to Oregon to help her aging parents prepare for an emotional move from her childhood home.

Meanwhile Kyle throws another one of her famous parties to introduce Eileen to the the ladies, but it turns into Brandi Glanville harassing Lisa Vanderpump who will not be harassed. Who else believes Lisa has some sort of stungun that shoots shock-inducing glitter? Kim Richards may appear – one never can tell with Rambles. 

Reality Tea will be live-tweeting (and drinking) so make sure to join us! 


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