Life & Style Presents Hollywood In Bright Pink, Hosted By Giuliana Rancic

Brandi Glanville has never met a bitch she likes! Rocking some serious winged eyeliner (Lord does she need to fire whomever is in charge of her face), she spouts off about everyone in the entertainment industry from Lisa Vanderpump to Justin Bieber in a celebrity edition of The Name Game. 

The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star did a little word association where she kept it slightly cleaner than she normally does, but no less mean as Brandi gave her split-second reactions to co-stars, past and present, other reality TV stars, and more! Below are Brandi’s answers!


Kim Kardashian: “Do something besides be pretty.” Ummm… Brandi – Kim is a fashion icon. And she selfies. Duh!

Justin Bieber: “Needs a spanking by someone who’s not a Brazilian supermodel” Brandi should volunteer for that! Think of the twitter-plosion that relationship would become. And Adrienne would be soooo jealous. They could resume their feud anew – storyline! 

Gilbert Gottfried, Brandi’s Celebrity Apprentice castmate: “He’s very loud. I personally have a soft-spot for him.” 

Kevin Jonas, also a CA co-star: “Arrogant, but lovely.” I mean, he is building Kathy Wakile‘s house, so his arrogance is totally understood! 

Tori Spelling: “What comes around, goes around.” Does she mean hoarding and compulsive spending? Or rehab-needing? Or living in a dump with a loser who cheats?

Kenya Moore: [Laughing] “Crazy… and smart. And those two together are scary. And she is scary.” Touché. Kenya is also apparently a very scary eater… 

Scheana Marie, aka Eddie‘s former mistress who is now a cast member on Vanderpump Rules: “Who? Drawing a blank…” 

Eddie Cibrian: “Is a very handsome man and he happens to be the father of my two children.”  

LeAnn Rimes: “You’re a real good singer!” 

Joyce Giraud: “Jacqueline, Jackie, Hoy-se… [Shrugs]” Joyce was apparently fired from RHOBH for annoying Andy, even though fans really liked her – and she was outspoken and not afraid to call Brandi out. Planet Trash called… they want their leader returned to them at once! 

Kyle Richards: “Needs a haircut, needs some layers… and an attitude adjustment.” Well it pains me to say it – paaaaains me – but I totally agree on all counts.  A source revealed that Brandi and Kyle, whom are not speaking, had a major falling out during filming, resulting in a big physical fight.” Brandi has denied it but Kyle says something happened during filming that is unforgivable. “It’s ugly, and things between the them will never be the same again,” explains a source. 

Kim Richards: “My older little sister and I love ‘er to death!” Brandi hates Kyle, but she and Kim are besties? I wonder how that’s working out. Just waiting on Kyle publicly calling out Kim for not supporting her… 

NeNe Leakes: “Real big head on her shoulders.” NeNe reportedly cannot stand Brandi, the two had an issue at a Bravo Upfront presentation where NeNe called Brandi out on being a nasty drunk who can’t hold her liquor. 

Camille Grammer: “She’s a sweet girl… she goes whichever way the wind blows.” Why couldn’t Brandi just say “Pernicious. Just so pernicious.” 

Lisa Vanderpump: “Who’s that?” Oh Brandi, you know – just the woman you slapped

Adrienne Maloof: “We have now made up and are happily saying hello when we see each other.” Well isn’t that nice. See – reality TV doesn’t ruin lives – it just temporarily destroys them. 

Brandi also associates Reese Witherspoon with DUIs and confesses, “Listen I had one too!” Something Brandi has in common with Yolanda Foster besides RHOBH is DUIs. In case you’ve been living under a reality TV rock, and you know only watching scripted Netflix shows, Yolanda’s daughter Bella got one of those too. Awwww… it’s so nice to find friends who understand you! 

Credit: Us Weekly


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