RHONJ season finale Amber and Teresa

Teresa Giudice has about two weeks before heading to prison which means the Real Housewives Of New Jersey star is leaving her 4 dawters in the care of Joe Giudice. <side eye> 

While Teresa is trying to make the holidays as normal as possible, she’s worried about Joe managing everything in her absence. Rumors of divorce have swirled, but a source says Teresa and Joe’s marriage is fine, they are just trying to juggle the stressful situations they’re currently dealing with – mainly Teresa’s worries that Joe won’t be able to fulfill the full-time parenting role. 

“They are going through a rough time right now,” acknowledges the source, who says Teresa is turning to Joe’s sisters and mother for help while she is “away.” 


Teresa may have to hire someone to help care of the children. I know she is displeased that he is not taking any initiative to learn the girls’ routines. They have a lot of activities,” an insider shares with People.

Still Teresa is still “in love” with Joe. “She never says anything derogatory about him,” the source adds. 

Moving on, Amber Marchese joined RHONJ and made a splash. OK – more accurately her pseudo-lawyer, sue-happy twitterholic, angry sparkplug husband Jim Marchese made a splash. Amber isn’t sure if she’ll return to RHONJ – or even if a 7th season is currently in the works – but she says the show has been nothing but positive for their family and Jim’s business is better than ever! 

Amber insists RHONJ “hasn’t hurt his [Jim’s] business whatsoever. Actually his business is doing very well,” she clarifies “As far as his involvement, he did not want to be involved. It did not work out that way. He started to be a part of it, and he was like I can’t be half pregnant, so now I’m involved.”

Jim “saw how everyone was really coming at me, and he could just not sit by idle without helping me, and he really did come to my defense and stand by my side. My husband was my alliance,” Amber adds. 


However, Amber does admit RHONJ is more than she bargained for when she signed on. “I will never, ever say no to a challenge and it was that exact challenge. It’s not like I tried hard. The opportunity landed in my lap. I follow signs in life, and I felt like this was a really good sign.” 

“I knew it was going to be a fun ride, and it was going to be a wild ride. I don’t think it set in that it was so drama-filled and so difficult to go through,” Amber concedes. “I really blocked that part out of it and had really a tunnel-vision of this is really the coolest thing in the world, and it really is.” 

Despite needing to take a total break from reality to survive RHONJ, Amber says she’s considering returning! “Once I get that phone call if they want me back, we’ll deal with it then but until then I kind of live my life,” she tells Fox 411. 

So what’s next for Amber, despite suddenly coming into $8.5 million dollars? Why launching a business of course! Before reality TV, Amber had a fitness line called Vici Fitness (which means “To Conquer”). She put that on hiatus, but now that she’s back to just being the regular kind of housewife, she’s branching out. 

“I found this other group called Revolutionize, and they share the same philosophies of working out as I do, so we combined our businesses together and now I have this consulting firm,” Amber explains. “It’s a nutrition and personal one-on-one training. It can do Skype. It can do phone calls. It can do anything.” Well…errrr… OK! 

Finally, below Amber shares her Christmas card. Which… ummm… a leather school girl outfit for a Christmas card? No words. 

amber marchese jim marchese 2014 christmas card rhonj

The Front! 

amber marchese jim marchese 2014 christmas card - back - rhonj

And the back! 

amber marchese 2014 christmas card

A cl0se-up of Amber’s outfit. 


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