Claudia Jordan Talks About Her Fight With NeNe Leakes; Defends Demetria McKinney – Photos


Claudia Jordan and Willie Geist were guests on Watch What Happens Live last night and Claudia took the opportunity to explain her fight with NeNe Leakes on Sunday’s episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.  

Willie watched the episode and joked to Claudia, “You took a shot at the throne!”  Claudia replied, “You know what, I do not start with anyone.  I will respond and I felt like I had no choice.”

Claudia says the shade coming from Phaedra toward Demetria was totally out of the blue, there was no beef between them.  She says Demetria is a really cool girl.  A cool girl who happens to be in the WWHL audience. 

Andy brings up NeNe calling Claudia a half-breed.  “Some people were tired of me talking about it (being bi-racial) on the show, but those are the kind of incidents that you know, why so negative and calling me a half-breed?  That was a very low blow.  That was worse than the whole clit thing. I can’t do anything about that, it’s part of who I am.” 

Andy asks if NeNe’s half-breed comments offended her, “You didn’t seem to be very offended by anything she was saying, did that offend you?”  Um, duh Andy.  Claudia said, “NeNe is just running her mouth and as you can see, I won’t start with her, but I will respond. I just kind of went into automatic pilot.  I worked with comedians for years, I’m used to being quick on my feet and sometimes I won’t remember, Demetria will remind me, ‘you said this and you said this’.  I just go into defense mode.”

Twitter question: Where did Claudia learn to read like a queen? “I’ve got a smart mouth.  I was bullied as a child and like I said, based on the truth and I just kind of snap back.” 

Someone asks about her feet (seriously? wasn’t it enough to have to watch it on the episode?)  “My feet are from my Deal or No Deal days, 19 hours on my feet, in heels.  Our feet would bleed so we were like the ballerinas of game shows. ” 

Someone asks if it’s right for Claudia to bring up NeNe’s stripper past when her own ass is all over Google images for free.  Claudia says “is my ass really all over Google images? I did like one shot in a thong in my twenty years of modeling.” 

A caller asks her if NeNe was always so nasty and rude.  Claudia brings up her Bravo blog, explaining that she details how long they’ve known each other.  “We’re not friends, I’m not trying to be her friend, but I wasn’t a stranger. She was cool until Kandi’s sex toy party.” 

Claudia and Willie played a game and Demetria McKinney was there – with ROGER BOBB – and handed out their prizes. 

A caller asks Claudia if she regrets anything she said during her fight with NeNe.  “Absolutely not. She started with me and when you bully people, you gotta be prepared for what comes next. “

Poll question was whose side are you on: Claudia or NeNe.  The results were 50/50 for a clean tie, which is a first, according to Andy. 


Photo Credit above: Twitter


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