tom sandoval with alleged miami hookup Annemarie Kunkel

Tonight’s episode of Vanderpump Rules is when all the crazy breaks free from its tenuous grip on sane-ish behavior and explodes. Kristen Doute has schemed and conspired to out Tom Sandoval as a cheater and the woman he supposedly cheated with in Miami will confront him on camera. 

Way back when – in March of last year – Tom went to Miami with Jax Taylor and Tom Schwartz where he allegedly hooked-up with Annemarie Kunkel, a self-described receptionist from NYC, (photo above) who claims she had no idea the boys were on reality TV. Poor Annemarie was so innocent and sweet, she then sold her hook-up story to a tabloid. Then, of course, she found Kristen on instagram to try and get some attention. Well, her hard work paid off!  


Since it’s finally relevant, here’s what Annemarie had to say a while back: 

Annemarie claims Tom 1, who was far away from girlfriend Ariana Madix, was high on Molly when they hooked up and that Jax was also on drugs. “In the first five minutes of meeting Jax, he told us that he was coked up out of his mind and was freaking out about how he needs to find coke!” she dished. Annemarie claims after partying, she hooked up with Tom 1 in his hotel room while Jax got busy with her friend. She insists she had no idea they had girlfriends, despite finding Kristen on instagram based on the show??

“We started making out, and he kept trying to put his hand down my pants, but I told him I didn’t want to have sex because I had my period,” the ever-modest Annemarie adds. “He didn’t believe me and told me to prove it.” 

“It was a whole 180-degree personality change. He flipped out and had this crazy, scary look in his eyes,” Annemarie continues. “But then he said he didn’t care and we went back to his bedroom and had sex. It literally lasted for like three seconds, so I was just like, ‘Thank god.’ It was just one of those situations where I didn’t know what to do, and I was just so freaked out.”

“It broke my heart a little bit because Tom seemed like a great person and then you find out that everything he must have said was a lie,” Annemarie sniffles to Star. “I can only imagine how Ariana feels, because she’s with this guy and thinks he’s so sweet. But he’s not. He is heartless.” Well, if you really care about Ariana why are you telling your story to a tabloid and conspiring with Kristen to get on TV? Oh right… benevolence.  

And that ’tis Annemarie, below!

Tom Sandoval allegedly cheated with Annemarie Kunkel in Miami

Moving on, Bustle has even more to the story and more details about Annemarie. Annemarie headed out to LA in November according to their story, which is when she confronted Tom 1 at SUR about his cheating. She tweeted this about the exchange: 

“Ahhh I love when a cheater gets caught and can’t own up to it. #patheticliars — Annemarie Kunkel (@viva_la_ameryy) November 6, 2014″ She has since deleted the tweet, but then tweeted last week: 

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 1.21.28 PM

Oh honey, you signed up for this, you don’t get any sympathy now.

Tonight we’ll see Annemarie in action and also see what Tom 1 has to say for himself. It will be very interesting, but one thing hasn’t changed: Kristen is still f–king nuts! 

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