MTV Confirms That Farrah Abraham Is Returning To Teen Mom!

Farrah Abraham at the 2015 AVN Awards

Is the original Backdoor Teen Mom is coming BACK to the original Teen Mom?! Farrah Abraham has been hinting that she’s in the process of filming something top secret – so top secret she’s been tweeting about it – and now she reveals that she’ll be reprising her role as Sophia’s mom for MTV. 

“There’s going to be lots of excitement from the Teen Mom fans and MTV’s fan base as well, so I’m excited to be back!” Farrah exclaimed. 

Apparently MTV producers reached out to Farrah after reviewing footage of the other three cast members, Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood and determined they needed something a bit more exciting – like a Farrah Abraham blow-up doll


“We had shot a couple of story lines,” TM creator Lauren Dolgen explained, “and there is something about having that fourth story to counterbalance — there’s just a magic to four stories and four different points of view.”

With Maci pregnant, Catelynn having just welcomed daughter NuvaRing Nova Reign, and Amber doing, something… producers wanted to also include the diverse direction Farrah’s life took. The direction that is backside-up. 

“I think they were more or less saying that there was more to my story that they really felt was missing from the ‘Teen Mom’ show, and I totally agree with them,” Farrah informed Us Weekly. “I understand their point of view, and it was a funny situation to be in.”

Unfortunately no one is happy about Farrah’s return! Catelynn, Maci, and Amber (who are all such amazing stellar success stories) stood in alliance against Farrah returning to the show citing that she is a bad example, after initially agreeing, MTV, who pays the bills for these girls only jobs, decided that ultimately Farrah’s delusional drama was necessary. 

Despite Farrah initially feeling snubbed by MTV’s decision to axe her from the show, she was “very open” when finally asked to return. 

“I think it was important because I mean just weighing out the options and my future for my daughter,” Farrah declares. “I think Teen Mom is important for the children and their futures. And I think it holds some good opportunities for Sophia and her future.”

 “[The other cast members] know that she’s coming back, and it did create a little bit of controversy that will play out in the series,” Lauren Dolgen admits. Farrah says she’s come to a place of peace with Catelynn and Tyler Baltierra after they sat-down on the Couples Therapy reunion.

“From what I know, from what they’ve led me to believe,” Farrah claims. “So I wish [Catelynn and Tyler] all the best with their new child and all those type of things.” I’m sure Farrah will do or say something else offensive which Catelynn and Tyler will, of course, over-react to. 

Farrah says she will be consistent with who she is on the show and make no effort to shield her real life – which includes her involvement in the adult entertainment field, sex toy venture, her sex tape, her stripping, and her erotic trilogies on Christian parenting. Oh and her parents.

“I’m not doing anything differently that I would not do when the cameras are there or not there,” says Farrah.  

Then she said this, which is gobbly-goop because I don’t speak half-truths and full-denial: “I mean, I don’t know if it really benefits me to be on TV because I was most successful in my career when I was away from Teen Mom,” Farrah states. “So if it benefits me then that’s randomly benefiting. I’m more or less looking at it to benefit Sophia.”

Farrah hopes her co-stars will learn from her entrepreneurial-ish and be able to provide for their kids too. “I’m just hoping that [the cast is] better off, and they’re doing well because I know personally I’m providing for my daughter, making my future as best as I can as well,” she said.

Also, Farrah, who doesn’t need to be on TV because she is sooooooo successful, is reportedly also joining the cast of Couples Therapy season 6 with her new boyfriend, Simon Saran. Hope he wraps his thing up with Saran Wrap after dealing with Farrah… 


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