Everyone Is Talking About Kenya Moore And Vivica Fox’s Celebrity Apprentice Feud

Kenya and Vivica explode in the boardroom

In case you had not heard Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox are feuding! Last week the two erupted in the Celebrity Apprentice boardroom and tonight is the night where Kenya reportedly steals Vivica’s cell phone to tweet that she’s crazy and menopausal. 

Donald Trump has already spoken out calling Kenya “evil,” but now the comb-over expert describes Kenya and Vivica as a “total disaster!” 

“They truly hate each other. Actually, Kenya hates Vivica like you’ve never seen…probably hates Brandi more than she even hates Vivica,” Donald told E! News. “But the three women on the show are a total disaster, which I love.” Of course, Donald loves it – ratings are through the roof and the season was expanded


One person not loving it is Kate Gosselin who was fired last week in the midst of Kenya and Vivica’s nonsense. #Kenyanigans!

“There’s a million ‘Kenyas’ in the world, and not to always speak from a mom’s perspective, but girls at school that are mean, I tell my girls, ‘You’re going to meet people your whole life and have to work with them. You have to find a way to work with them,'” Kate advised. “And I had to take a dose of my own medicine, really.” 

Chiming in on the mayhem, Geraldo Rivera insists the drama is not fabricated! “There is no theatricality involved. It’s totally spontaneous,” he tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “They were very bitchy and backstabbing in the board room with Mr. Trump. So what you see — that hostility…  is definitely real, unscripted and sincere.”

Kenya has denied stealing Vivica’s phone and insisted there is no proof (several sources have shared that it was actually caught on camera but it’s not certain if Celebrity Apprentice will show that footage or not). Geraldo is supposedly the person who outs Kenya’s behavior to Vivica and Donald.  

In a new interview Kenya admitted the “rigorous schedule” can cause people to crack. Of course she doesn’t include HERSELF as falling prey to that! 

“You work under pressure, and people crack when they’re under pressure, and that’s what happened to a lot of us,” Kenya explains to Gossip Girl. “With Brandi [Glanville], I kind of expected it because she’s been very vocal in the press, so I was prepared.”

Despite the drama, Kenya praises the show for giving her “so many resources” and lessons. “It’s a different demographic than Housewives and that gives me the opportunity to expand my brand. I’ve learned so much from the inside out.” 

“It was definitely harder than I thought,” Kenya conceded. “No matter what’s thrown at me, I always keep my composure and wait for everybody else around me to fall. You have to kind of fly under the radar and then explode at the end.” Well I guess that’s what happens tonight – Kenya explodes all over Vivica’s twitter. Also, this statement right here proves the delusionality of Kenya. She needs to watch herself on television more often – and then get a dictionary and look up “composure.” 

A source says after that Donald had enough and fired Kenya for her inability to get along with ANYONE. 

This is the tweet in question, by the way: 


And despite Kenya’s denial, Vivica definitely believes Kenya was behind the phone theft! “REALLY? The truth will be revealed very soon TRICK!! I’m just saying! MY PHONE WAS STOLEN BY U!!” 

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[Photo Credit: NBC]