Geraldo Rivera Speaks Out On Celebrity Apprentice “Phonegate” – Believes Kenya Moore Is Guilty!

Phonegate erupts between Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox

Geraldo Rivera was stuck smack-dab in the middle of Kenya Moore and Vivica A. Fox‘s showdown and had a front row seat to the eponymous Celebrity Apprentice “Phonegate.” As a result, Geraldo declares Kenya “guilty!” 

As usual, Geraldo has a lot to say, and it’s far more fun to read it in Geraldo’s voice. Am I the only one who naturally does that? Geraldo emphatically believes Kenya is the culprit behind thieving Vivica’s phone and even charges that Kenya should take a lie detector test to exonerate herself! 

“There are ambitious divas in the news business, but in my experience we don’t steal each other’s microphones to prevent our rivals from broadcasting. Something like that happened last night on ‘Celebrity Apprentice’,” Mr. Mustache begins. 


“There had been enormous friction between the pair from the very beginning of the season and this project was no different,” Geraldo declares, adding that all day Vivica had been fretting about her phone being missing and that explained her distant demeanor throughout the task. Is Geraldo alluding to a set-up on behalf of Ms. Moore? Why yes he is! 


Vivica was distracted during the production because her cell phone was missing and she feared stolen,” Geraldo writes in his blog. “After we lost the challenge, ‘King’s Hawaiian’ easily picking the other team’s traditional approach over our big bun angle, Kenya and Vivica started pointing fingers at each other as being responsible.”

“At one point, Kenya charged that Viveca was struggling with personal issues as evidenced by Vivica’s salacious tweets about going through menopause and being 50 years old,” Geraldo recalls. “Vivica essentially said, ‘Wait a minute, I never tweeted about any such thing.’”

“It turned out that Kenya had either stolen or caused to be stolen Vivica’s phone. And then wrote the self-damning tweets. Busted on the air, Kenya was shameless and avoided either accepting responsibility or admitting culpability,” Geraldo states. “Mr. Trump fired her on the spot, but it was a breath-taking display of the ruthless nature of famewhores this game.” 


Geraldo took things farther on his twitter, where he seems to be insinuating that the police were called to the set?! “Celebrity Apprentice is not like the outrageous faux antics of typical reality TV #Phonegate is real & should haunt the perpetrator,” announced Geraldo. “Miranda warnings were req’d.” 

KenyaMoore claims innocence of theft & unauthorized use of MsVivicaFox ‘s phone Will she take a lie detector test on #CelebrityApprentice?,” Geraldo wonders. Kenya continues to deny any culpability in Phonegate. 

Geraldo also agrees that Kenya’s reality TV persona is totally off the charts. “Kenya Moore off camera is an enormously charming person. In competition on #CelebrityApprentice she knows no bounds” 


Yes, Kenya “Too Far Krayonce” Moore definitely knows no bounds! I also doubt that she’s enormously charming, more like cunning. 


[Photo Credit: NBC]