Jenelle Evans And Nathan Griffith Call Off Their Engagement – Again! All The Details And Tweets!

Teen Mom 2 Nathan and Jenelle

So Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith seem to confuse twitter with PRIVACY. Or who knows maybe these two are trolling us with their constant online breakups, because it seems the Teen Mom 2 stars have called off their engagement – again! 

Not that anyone is surprised, but the two aired all their dirty laundry on twitter, where cheating accusations and THOT-iness, were cited as reasons for the latest destruction of Jenelle and Nathan. Oh so sad, I was really hoping for a gorgeous and classy Teen Mom wedding. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to rely on Farrah for that

So, settle in grab your coffee, this is gonna be a long one. What am I doing to myself first thing in the morning? I do love a good investigation! 


So Jenelle has been accused of communicating with ex-hubby Courtland Rogers, which is why she and Nathan broke up last week. This week, she’s apparently been back in contact with her ex-Ryan Dolph. Did we mention that Jenelle can really pick a winner – she ought to write a book about that! 

So THEN it appears that Nathan has been accusing Jenelle of not only needing rehab, but mental help and demanded she get a mental evaluation after their last public breakup. Nathan told her he was leaving her – which resulted in them having a HUGE fight, where Nathan confessed – allegedly – to a friend named Stevie Ryan (an actress) through a twitter DM that he “choked” her and Jenelle “may call the cops this time.”

Stevie responded by reminding these two that they may lose custody of their son, Kaiser. Which why are we not surprised given they don’t have custody of their older children Jace and Emery. You can see the extend of Stevie and Nathan’s DM’s conversations below – she made them public via twitter because she was tired of being in the middle of their BS and Jenelle started making accusations against her. 

Stevie believes that Jenelle actually found out about her communications with Nathan and was on his twitter impersonating him to make incriminating tweets. 

Nathan reportedly told Stevie that Jenelle was actually abusive to him and endangering their children. Nathan also confessed to Stevie that he was MTV convinced him to propose to Jenelle for a Teen Mom 2 storyline. Who was surprised on that one?! Anyone?! Also, who thinks Nathan had to be convinced to continue his deadbeatism, getting a real job, and continue with his reality TV charade. 

Also, Nathan has apparently been in communication with an actress named Heather, a Hooters waitress. I’ll just let twitter tell this story, because I couldn’t possibly write the insanity. 

Then, yesterday Jenelle and Nathan erupted into  a twitter feud where Jenelle accused Nathan of being her worst enemy and he responded by telling her he was done with the relationship. Earlier in the week Nathan tweeted – the deleted – that he had moved out already, but then feared for the safety of Kaiser so he returned. 

You can see all the tweets and DM’s below. Enjoy! Oh and now that Stevie has made all their incriminating DM’s public – Nathan has deleted his twitter account! Mature and classy – just what I always look for in a man! 


 [Photo Credits: MTV & Twitter/Instagram]