Farrah Abraham Releases Another Erotica Book; Maci Bookout Releases Baby Name!

Farrah Abraham releases her third erotica book 'Love Through Limelight'

Farrah Abraham has been working her buns off – and selling them too (no, not literally, but she dos have anal molds and an award-winning blow-up doll available!). In the latest Farrah endeavor, the newly re-minted Teen Mom OG star’s third erotica novel, from the Celebrity Sex Tape trilogy, is available for sale on February 13th. Just in time for Valentine’s Day if you need any steamy ideas. <GAG>

Love Though LimeLight is the scintillating end-point in Fallon Opal’s pornographic misadventures. And just like her inspiration Farrah <wink-wink> she finds love, despite the limelight!


Farrah Abraham 'Love Through Limelight' book

SPOILER ALERT: Fallon gets married, and lord I so hope Farrah does too on reality TV just for the s–t-show monstrosity it would bring! Farrah shared sneak peak from the eBook. And here’s a snippet of what to expect from this fete of literary greatness. 


“Through all betrayals, stigmas, and bad press Fallon Opal hasn’t given up on her dream of having a happy ending. Her lifestyle may have changed, but under it all, she’s the same innocent young woman who wants it all. The celebrity sex tape that changed Fallon’s life stands as a testament to her sexy fantasies. Those who have lived vicariously through her fame—the believers, fans, supports, and even the haters—will be shocked by Fallon’s true transformation. This happy ending is everything she ever wanted and her life—worthy of an Academy Award—is a story that needs to be shared.” 

Worthy of a Academy Award which Farrah has been undercover training for in a secret stripping mission. Shhhh… don’t tell! It’s “research” very important “research.”

From Ellora’s Cave, a synopsis of Fallon’s journey in Love Through Limelight

“The journey…

The fly-by-night lifestyle fades into the background. With enough sexual stories to last a lifetime, I find myself becoming the person I was destined to grow into. There’s more to this life; there’s The One. I can get anyone I want and this time that little voice that whispers “I’m going to do it” more than pays off.”

“The woman…

I’m not like every other person out there. Through the journey I’ve realized I’m not like many people. I am stronger than most and have found faith that others will finally see the person I really am behind all of the gossip. Many people fail to meet their potential but there are others who exceed their own dreams. I am one of those people.” 

“The star…

To the world I’m not another starlet gone crazy: I have found the realism of life and its best parts through everyday experiences that I have made seem more bold and epic than anyone else could. Through this, I have shared with the world, making history not only in entertainment but through social efforts and diplomatic ventures. I have changed the world as we know it. It took some scandal to get so many to follow my story but the ending is well worth it.”

And going in the completely opposite direction, Maci Bookout is producing another baby! Maci and boyfriend Taylor McKinney revealed they’re expecting a baby girl, due in June, and they plan to name her Jade Carder. And guess what – not-yet-arrived baby Jade already has a twitter account! I KID. YOU. NOT. 

Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 3.12.58 PM

Jade” (@babymon3yy) revealed her own name. And just in case you’re wondering, yes, Bentley also has his own twitter account. 

Congratulations Maci, Taylor, and Jade


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