Teresa Aprea Sued; Jim Marchese Says It’s Inappropriate For Teresa Giudice To Be On RHONJ; Gia Giudice Filming For Bravo?!

rhonj reunion - jim marchese hates everyone

It’s the Real Housewives Of New Jersey news roundup! Teresa Aprea is sued; Jim Marchese continues to use Teresa Giudice to keep himself relevant and Gia Giudice is possibly filming for RHONJ while her mom is incarcerated! Let’s dive in… 

First up Tuh-resssssssa and her husband Rino Aprea have been stung with a class action lawsuit by two former employees who allege the restaurant owners refused to pay employees for full shifts! Oh – and they had to pay to launder their own uniforms. 

Teresa and Rino own Angelo’s of Mulberry St in NYC and a former bartender and a waiter have taken the RHONJ stars to court over a laundry bill and on an accusation that they intentionally “short changed” employees checks by paying them for 7 hour shifts when they routinely worked 10 hours. The suit, filed in US district court. cites that the Apreas “regularly scheduled or knowingly permitted” employees to work more than 40 hours but then refused to pay time-and-a-half for hours. 


As for the laundry bill according to NY law, employers are responsible for paying to launder employee uniforms. And the uniforms at Angelo’s “required ironing, dry cleaning and/or other special treatment,” but not only did the Apreas “not wash or maintain these uniforms” they also refused to reimburse employees for the cost of maintain them per NY law.  

TMZ reports that David Gottlieb an attorney for the plaintiffs is demanding the Apreas pay out $2,500 per worker for unpaid wages and overtime, uniform cleaning, plus is requesting an unspecified amount in damages. 

In response Teresa tweeted that there was “No TRUTH” to the allegations which were charges of “disgruntled worker.” That’s what they all say, right… 

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Moving on Jim is using Teresa G. to keep his name in the news. Sadly it’s working. Jim says Teresa should not return to RHONJ because she cannot uphold the aspiration lifestyle the show is supposed to purport. Excuse me while I laugh BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH *sigh* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Ahem… anyway. 

“I don’t think they should bring Teresa back. I just don’t think it’s appropriate for her to be on this type of show any longer,” Jim complained to People. According to Jim, RHONJ “is about over-the-top lifestyles and over-the-top drama. At this point she can’t partake in any of this. I just don’t think this is the type of show for her.” 

Jim says he has no problem with Teresa returning to Bravo in some other capacity, but that her new felonious lifestyle doesn’t work for the Real Housewives franchise. Since when did Jim become a Bravo executive again? Right… 

“I don’t have an issue with her working. She can work all she wants,” Jim continued. As for a post-prison Teresa showing viewers her new life, Jim points out that isn’t the model of RHONJ. “That’s a show to talk about what happened, her problems and how she’s dealing with them. That’s not the same thing as RHONJ. There’s a completely different theme to it. Her fan base will be disappointed.” 


RHONJ is reportedly on hiatus while Bravo decides what direction to take the show – either starting afresh with new cast members, or filming an interim season. Last month a casting notice went out seeking new affluent women in NJ to join a “well-established reality show.” The rumor is that Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo will both return, with Caroline Manzo in a “Friend” status as they share their newly reconnected relationship. 

As for Teresa, Jim contends that Teresa will still have serious restrictions on her life once she’s released from prison, such as being on probation – and flipping tables could send her right back to the slammer. Not exactly, but OK Jim who knows all! “If there is any type of altercation, she will immediately go to jail,” Jim insists. “For example – she flips a table? She goes to jail because if she did that in a public place, that would be considered disorderly conduct in my opinion. She will be violating her parole.” Wait – in addition to being a criminal defense attorney, financial excerpt, and a Bravo executive, Jim is also a federal parole officer. Dude – stay in your lane and slow your roll.

 Jim also says Teresa will be a disappointment to fans who associate her with a lavish image and extreme reactions – and he says he’s not interested in lowering himself to the standards Teresa will now reside in. “I clashed with them because I have a difference of opinion on how somebody should live their life,” he explains, as in live within your means and Teresa means are now meager. 

Jim also chides Teresa for negatively affecting her castmates successes because of her law-breaking. This is my favorite part of the interview. “We took the job with the belief that you would be able to grow businesses out of it. Because Teresa and her husband have been convicted, it has been very difficult for Amber [Marchese] to launch businesses because no one wants to be associated with the show.” Time for that laughter again. NO Jim, it’s been difficult for Amber to launch business because you’re an embarrassing twit who can’t keep his mouth shut and Amber is just as bad. 

“It’s very difficult to have any major endorsements at this point because of Teresa,” Jim accuses. “Point blank, they tell us, ‘We don’t want to be associated with felons.’ That’s the first thing they think of. I get it. It taints the show. Teresa’s criminal conviction and how she is portrayed on the show has made it so that cast members have leprosy at this point because people don’t want to be associated with them.” Really – that’s all TERESA’s FAULT?! Hmmmm… nice try avoiding responsibility for your idiocy! 

Teresa’s attorney commented, “With all due respect to Mr. Marchese, cast decisions should be left to the professionals at Bravo and Sirius Media.” 

And it appears they are! Gia’s manager Maria De Santis just released a casting call for RHONJ! Does that mean Gia, Joe Giudice, and the other Giudice girls are filming in Teresa’s absence… sure looks like it!

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It remains to be seen if Teresa will get a spinoff or return to Housewives. Teresa is apparently angling for a spinoff and word on the street is that Bravo is in talks to film an interview from prison in the next month or so, which will be hosted by Andy Cohen, himself!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]