Photos – Sonja Morgan Launches Fashion Collection; Bethenny Frankel & Ramona Singer Argue At Her Fashion Show!


Sonja Morgan has finally launched a business! Sadly it’s not a toaster oven. The Real Housewives Of New York star held a party and fashion show to celebrate the launch of Sonja Morgan New York Brands, which will make its official debut in Summer 2015. But the show was not without drama when Ramona Singer and Bethenny Frankel exploded into an argument during the runway show! 

Sonja Morgan’s first foray into the fashion industry features a capsule collection of “essentials” featuring ready-to-wear, sportswear, evening wear, and swimwear as well as a jewelry line “echoing Sonja’s classic yet sexy style, her collection is vibrant and timeless.” It will be available in department stores and retail establishments this summer, according to Sonja, whose businesses have a way of disappearing on us! 

“Every woman deserves luxury. That’s why I designed my collection paying the utmost attention to details, offering long lasting value at affordable prices,” Sonja explained to WSLS 10 news. “I believe in luxury that is wearable, I love being able to throw a dress and a few jewelry pieces in a suitcase and still look put together without the worry.” 

Sonja’s co-stars attended the event as well as Wendy Madden (Steve Madden’s wife), real estate magnate Michael Lorber, former Project Runway winner Mondo, Miss. Universe Argentina – Valentina Ferrer, and boxer Evander Holyfield, among others! 

“The show was chaotic,” a source described, “but she pulled it all off.”

However because Sonja’s co-stars did attend, the event was not without drama! Not. At. All. Despite Ramona’s proclamations of friendship and how she is thrilled with Bethenny‘s return to the show, behind-the-scenes drama was brewing.

Sources have said Ramona is furious that Bethenny is bailing on filming obligations of her c0-stars and using RHONY as a constant promotion of Skinnygirl items as Bethenny throws anything at the wall to see what sticks, and that Bethenny is keeping her personal life completely out of the show while the other girls are required to feature deeply painful issues such as divorce. Reportedly Bethenny even is earning a much higher salary than her co-stars which could result in Bravo demoting one of them to a “Friend” in order to accommodate Bethenny’s pay rate. 

While Ramona has been playing nice, the two finally erupted into a “passionate argument” at Sonja’s fashion show! During a “bizarre” 10-minute break where no models were on the runway, Bethenny was captured by photographers screaming at Ramona so loudly it was heard above the “thumping club music,” reports NY Post.  

“When Bethenny took her seat in the front row, she immediately started a conversation with Ramona that looked aggressive,” a witness told E! News. “The issue was something that had occurred earlier between them.”

The witness continues, “Ramona seemed very caught off guard. She was apparently blindsided by Bethenny’s confrontation.”  Ramona’s good friend Sonja doesn’t exactly share the same feelings about Bethenny, however, in an interview discussing her collection she referred to Bethenny as “great” and said the cast “needed a little jolt!” 

Witnesses say none of the other Housewives got involved in the spat and kept their distance, instead focusing on Sonja and her accomplishment. 

You can see photos of Sonja’s collection below! 


[Photo Credit: Mark Sagliocco/Getty Images]