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Real Housewives Of New York Dorinda Medley

The Real Housewives of New York has hit the ground drunk and stumbling this season. To be fair, the women of New York have always been intoxicated messes. Losing teeth in clubs, turtle time, falling into bushes, and making out naked in pools. No shade. It’s all incredible! That said, arguably one of the messiest of the group is none other than Dorinda Medley. What little I can understand of what Dorinda says drunk is enough to take the cake with this crew. And that’s saying a lot.

This season we have watched Dorinda struggle with her break from “boyfriend”John Mahdessian while continuing to mourn her late husband, Richard. In last week’s episode these feelings all bubbled to the surface when we watched Dorinda lash out at Tinsley Mortimer. I’m still not sure what Tinsley ever did to Dorinda, other than be born into wealth. Dorinda is still a dog with a bone continuing to bash Tinsley recently for “never owning anything“. Like, what? Dorinda at least half of your storylines are based on your late husband’s house that you let Carole Radziwill name your first season. Relax. Even though in this week’s episode Dorinda switched the focus of her anger to Ramona Singer, she is still talking about watching herself scream at Tinsley last week.

Dorinda Medley Feels Ramona Singer Has Been “Insensitive” After Break-Up With John Mahdessian

Well, Season 12 of Real Housewives of New York might have lost Bethenny Frankel, but anything alcoholic is now officially part of the cast. At the conclusion of these episodes, I always feel a slight desire to consult Betty Ford and begin a green juice cleanse. On the bright side, Leah McSweeney has filled any remaining gaps in Bethenny’s legacy, though viewers probably miss the repetitive product placement they were subjected to for years, #skinnygirlbybravo.

While the ladies navigate brief periods of being sober, some have experienced life changes. Dorinda Medley has been struggling under the pressure of ending her relationship with longtime boyfriend, John Mahdessian. What’s more, she has found herself triggered by memories of late husband, Richard. One would think Dorinda’s tribe of girlfriends would lend support during her time of need, but according to Dorinda, that has not been the case. In fact, Dorinda feels one friend in particular has been especially insensitive. Gosh, I wonder who it could be?

Ramona Singer Says Elyse Slaine Brings Nothing To Real Housewives Of New York & She Doesn’t Fit In

Every time Elyse Slaine pops up on Real Housewives of New York, my mind immediately shifts to the scene in Mean Girls when Damian yells “she doesn’t even go here!” at the all-girls assembly. We never got any introduction to Elyse. We have no idea who she even is. She’s just popping up at every group event with the label “Ramona’s friend” under her name.

However, Ramona Singer is publicly disassociating with her friend. Or at least that is how it came across in a recent interview when she was asked about Elyse. Nevertheless, Ramona’s open actually does seem to line up with what a lot of fans are thinking. Just like many of us, Ramona does not seem to get why Elyse is even filming.

Ramona Singer Avery Singer

The Real Housewives of New York viewers have seen snippets of Ramona Singer’s daughter Avery Singer since she was a little girl. It’s so hard to believe that Avery has graduated college and has entered the workforce all before our eyes. We don’t get to see her too much on RHONY these days, but when we do, she’s always there to give her mom some sage advice.

Even when she was in elementary school, Avery always seemed wise beyond her years. But even so, it’s still so interesting to think that she and Ramona are both out on the dating scene looking for guys. Well, currently, Avery and Ramona are safely isolated in Boca Raton, Florida, spending time with Mario Singer, Ramona’s ex and Avery’s father.

Real Housewives Of New York Dorinda Medley

This show … I just can’t get enough of Real Housewives Of New York! From Leah McSweeney instructing Tinsley Mortimer to go gangster – or “Cardi Llama” on Dorinda Medley; to Ramona Singer‘s condom situations, to the Russian baths with ginger vodka and Luann de Lesseps bush coming back to haunt her. RHONY is the glimmer of unstoppable hope for Real Housewives everywhere. May you never change, no matter how far you stray uptown.

So on that note, Leah, Luann, and Tinsley are all sick after their day at the orchards. Well, I think we know where Coronavirus started! The Countesses’ cough. This is an unlikely trifecta for a brunch date, Luann is a surprisingly good foible for Leah and Tinsley. Also Luann looks phenomenal. She is literally aging backwards as she struts up to the table like someone told her the sidewalk was a cabaret stage. All the world’s a stage, darlings!

Tinsley is late, and when she arrives, she is distraught. Is Tinsley every any other way? Dale Mercer clearly didn’t warn Tinsley that her face would freeze this way, because it has.

Dorinda Medley Tinsley Mortimer RHONY Real Housewives Of New York

This one-sided feud between Dorinda Medley and Tinsley Mortimer is making it very tough to watch Real Housewives of New York this season. She really has it out for Tinsley. And, ironically enough, instead of making Tinsley look bad, she just makes herself look bad. On top of that, it just gets worse week after week.

If you thought Dorinda learned something after watching these episodes, think again. That is not the case. The shade just won’t stop. Yes, Tinsley is pretty guarded for a reality TV star. However, that’s a way better alternative than being a reality TV star who verbally attacks her co-stars during every single episode. Sorry, girl, Tinsley is winning this feud. She’s not even fighting back and Dorinda is still going in on the future Mrs. Kluth.

Elyse Slaine Real Housewives of New York RHONY

Elyse Slaine is a bit of a mystery on this season of Real Housewives of New York City. She just showed up one day with very little explanation as to who she is or what she is doing there.  She appears in almost every group scene with no mention as to who actually invited her. According to Elyse, that is because she was never meant to be on the show, she really did just show up one day to film with Ramona Singer. Production liked her and asked her to keep showing up. That explains why her introduction has been so awkward, but it still makes her come off as sort of creepy. She is mostly just there, silently staring in the background, kind of like some judgy Upper East Side Morticia Adams.

Anytime Elyse does speak, she talks very quietly and calmly, and almost always states the most rational opinion. It is as though she is doing her best to come across as the voice of reason. What she is really saying is, “Please do not think that I am crazy like these women, listen to how calm I am.” And she definitely seems like a smart, put-together woman. But just the fact that she has been friends with Ramona for years implies that there must be some cray cray going on behind her sleek facade. Now she is even claiming that she introduced OG cast members Jill Zarin and Bethenny Frankel.

Leah McSweeney Defends Her Controversial Statements Against The #MeToo Movement She Made Prior To Joining Real Housewives Of New York

Leah McSweeney has already made quite the splash as a freshman housewife on Real Housewives of New York. She was introduced to us as a friend of Tinsley Mortimer but Leah has made plenty of her own friends. Despite a rough start, Leah has bonded with Dorinda Medley. According to Leah in the latest episode, she “keeps it real”. Luann de Lesseps dropped the Countess act and showed up at Leah’s apartment with food when she was under the weather. Leah claimed kindred spirits with Lu due to their past with drinking and I can actually see that. Even the notoriously bristly Ramona Singer has seemed to take a shine to Leah. Go figure.So it looks like the cast is really taking to Leah’s approachable yet outspoken persona.

But Leah doesn’t just speak her mind when she’s on RHONY. She hosts her own podcast, Improper Etiquette, and was a contributing columnist for Penthouse magazine. We previously reported that Leah has made some controversial statements in the past. But instead of an apology tour, Leah is defending herself and what she said.