Bethenny Frankel Demanding And Standoffish On RHONY, But Is Still Earning Much More Than Her RHONY Castmates!

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Bethenny Frankel returned to Real Housewives Of New York to save her career after a disastrous divorce and the network hoped she could also bolster ratings for the sagging show, but it seems she has a case of the sour grapes over her decision. As a result Bethenny isn’t meshing well with her co-stars, and they’re also bitter that she’s getting paid way more than they are to do nothing but be difficult and demanding! 

Sources say Bethenny is refusing to film certain scenes or interact in ways she considers “fake,” which is a real departure to her past approach on reality TV. Bethenny’s co-stars feel she’s acting like a spoiled, entitled “brat” especially since they took pay cuts from Bravo in order for the network to finance Bethenny’s return.


The other castmembers were promised that the ratings boom that Bethenny would bring would lead to bonuses and also higher salaries for later seasons. If you recall the RHONY ladies already had a major salary standoff last season, which massively delayed production and was partially to blame for viewers losing interest in the franchise. However, Bethenny is such a disaster this season, that the ladies are now lashing out at her behavior!

“Everybody knows that Bethenny grabbed a big chunk of LuAnn [de Lesseps]‘s paycheck,” says the source. LuAnn has returned as a full-time Housewife this season after making a big impact last season when she was considered a ‘Friend.’ However, LuAnn isn’t the only Housewife who acquiesced to Bethenny’s salary demands. The source tells NY Daily News, Bethenny also took “a big chunk of Ramona [Singer]‘s paycheck, and Ramona got demoted!” Ramona is reportedly refusing to air any storylines related to her divorce, which is why she was down-graded (I don’t believe she actually will be though). 

Ramona is absolutely outraged that Bethenny is making a million dollars, especially after her failed talk show,” says In Touch Weekly. Especially since Bethenny doesn’t care her how antics and demands are negative affecting her co-stars! 

Bethennybasically clawed her way to the top of the salary ladder on the backs of LuAnn, Ramona and the other Housewives who didn’t get the raises that they normally would have gotten,” the source explains. Was the network that desperate to have her back? Did they really think Bethenny was the ace-in-the-hole to save RHONY? Gotta say – I don’t think so! RHONY has also added esteemed socialite and philanthropist Dorinda Medley to the cast in an effort to capture the original essence of the show. 

Even worse, Bethenny is difficult to work with. “She’s a problem on set,” confirms an insider. Apparently Bethenny has really limited her interaction with the group, and due to her contentious and on-going divorce with Jason Hoppy, there are large portions of her life she won’t allow filmed, such as her new relationship with Michael Cerussi or any wild or drunk behavior.Her daughter Bryn will not be featured at all.

At cast social events Bethenny is “standoffish” and barely engages in the scenes or with the other ladies, who are trying their hardest to incorporate her into the mix and build genuine relationships with her on-screen. 

Bethenny is “even giving the Bravo team problems when they were trying to set up shots, too,” a source revealed. “The Bravo team’s job is to set up conversations and to direct and create the action to some degree. So Bethenny was trying to stonewall them every chance she’d get.” 

At a recent party for Sonja Morgan‘s Latina Magazine cover, Bethenny’s presence was barely felt. “It was the first big public event that Bethenny has filmed (since making her comeback). It’s Sonja’s big moment because she’s on the cover of the magazine,” a witness recounts. “In marches Bethenny Frankel, dodging the paparazzi outside, refusing all the interviews, refusing to be photographed.” It’s true that Bethenny is not featured in any of the official photos from the event, even though she was there. 


“When they asked Bethenny to come join Sonja and a group of her friends to leaf through the magazine and ‘Ooh’ and ‘Ahh,’ Bethenny refused, saying, ‘I’m not an actress,’” the witness adds. “She basically said, ‘I’m not going to do this; it’s fake.’” So, Bethenny can’t even muster up enthusiasm for a friend’s accomplishments, even though Sonja has always supported Bethenny’s endeavors. Nope, that’s not fake – that’s being a BITCH. And Bethie’s right – she’s not an actress; she’s always been selfish and it seems she still is! 

As a result of Bethenny’s bad attitude, the other ladies are starting to turn their backs on her. “Carole Radziwill and the Countess are so upset over it that they’re trying to limit their camera time with Bethenny,” the insider claims. 

Bravo denies these reports. And while Bethenny tweeted complaining about the negative stories, she didn’t deny them! “Oooh i’m loving all this scandalous gossip about me today. If not filming fake scenes is being a diva, bring it on! #skinnygirldiva,” she wrote.” 

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Bethenny also claims she’s having a blast this season. 

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