“The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” season 4 and “Vanderpump Rules” season 2 Cross-over premiere

If it is at all possible Kristen Doute is freaking me out even more. In a post-Vanderpump Rules wrap-up show called ‘Last Call,’ Kristen reflects on her decision to forgive James Kennedy for being aggressive towards her at Scheana‘s wedding and announces her jubilation that Jax Taylor admitted to Tom Sandoval’s cheating with Miami Girl. Vindication is Kristen’s – at least in her mind!

Just for the record, Kristen seems wasted in the video – you can see for yourself below – and is slurring her words something awful. And despite the fact that she claims to finally be over Tom, her euphoria when discussing the Miami Girl revelation tells otherwise, as does the flashback footage of her grinning when Jax “finally” spoke the truth. Get your pillows ready to hide your eyes – it’s cringe-inducing. 


First of all, Kristen understands why James reacted like he did at Scheana’s wedding – after all Kristen can relate to feeling insecure and threatened in a relationship because that’s how Tom 1 made her feel all those years. Which is why she still obsesses over him and wants him back… 

“Even though I’m 9-years-older than James, I look at him and I’m like, that’s what I was like when I was with Tom – I totally get it,” Kristen acknowledges. “I just take that into consideration and I know that James is a really good guy. And I know that he loves me – he just made a mistake. He got intoxicated…and messed up. And he apologized for it repetitively.” 

And Kristen totally forgives him – it’s all good! They’re so happppppeeeeeeeee! “I know what it’s like to need forgiveness,” she adds. 

As for the fateful dinner when Kristen finally got that vindication that has possessed her all those months, she felt incredibly relieved to hear Jax “finally” tell the truth! This girl is hilarious… 

“When Jax finally admitted it… slow clap. Thank God,” slurred Kristen. ” I feel validated. Finally!”

“I hate when Jax back-pedals,” Kristen complains. “Like you were there! You witnessed it! He’s like the king of lighting a fuse and then running for the hills.”

Kristen concludes by saying she hopes Jax burns “in purgatory.” Even the interviewer looks frightened. 


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