Did Jax Taylor Lie About Kristen Doute Getting In A Fight With A Stripper?

kristen doute and jax taylor

Who likes irony?! I do! Kristen Doute has been desperate to get Jax Taylor to “tell the truth” about Tom Sandoval cheating in Miami. Since Jax was in a storytelling mood, he also let it slip that Kristen got in a fight with a stripper – however Kristen insists that Jax is lying about that! But he’s telling the truth about Tom 1?  Mmmmkay… The Truth and Jax Taylor go together like logical thinking and Kristen Doute! 

Immediately after Jax spilled the story on Vanderpump Rules, Kristen and her sole-surviving friend Rachael denounced Jax as a liar on twitter. We all know Jax makes things up – except when Kristen wants them to be true, like when Jax is suddenly going to get truthy about Tom and Miami Girl. Oh Kristen, you amuse me to no end. Jax, of course, insists his account of Kristen and the stripper is true. 


“I really feel bad for Rachael, though, because she did not deserve to get punched in the face, but that just goes to show you that when you hang out with Kristen, you get punched in the face,” Jax states. “She’s lucky that’s all that happened to her.”

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Rachael accuses Jax of making the story up to make himself look better, but interestingly Bravo producers seem to confirm this did happen. They commented on twitter several times that they really regret not having cameras there when Kristen got in the fight with said stripper! Said stripper probably said Tom 1 was hot and Kristen went ballistic. 

Kristen also insisted Jax’s story isn’t true. Of course. Cause she is SO not crazy enough to do something like that! 

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When several viewers pushed back asking Kristen why we should believe Jax was lying about her, but not lying about Tom, she insisted Jax just wants attention and she has no reason to lie. Does Kristen have ANY – I mean, ANY – process of self-reflection?

“I don’t have a reason to lie. He does it because he begs to be interesting,” Kristen complained. Rachael chimed in that Jax had motive in both cases. “Jax makes up a story to show he was ‘being good’ & @kristendoute @CarmenDickman & I were ‘partying’ yes that lie serves him and telling the truth about Tom also serves him. In both cases other people are acting out and he is innocent.” 

I think Jax tells people whatever they want to hear – since Kristen wants to hear that Tom cheated, Jax says Tom cheated. If Tom wants to hear that Jax won’t gossip about his relationship, Jax promises he won’t. 

Interesting assessment considering KRISTEN also has motive to lie in both cases. “I dated & used to live with Jax. As embarrassing as that is to admit, ” continued Rachael. “I can tell when he’s lying & when he’s not” Yeah – right. I’m sure bitch. 

Moving on Jax, explains why he got mixed up in Kristen’s drama, and calls her out for being terrible. “That dinner with Kristen was an absolute disaster. I walked into a firing squad with them coming at me,” Jax says.

“I don’t know what Kristen is trying to get out of this. Even if he did it, it doesn’t matter. He is not going to be with you, Kristen,” lectures Jax. “Wake the f— up and move on.” Interestingly that Jax offers no excuse for his behavior – betraying a friend and possibly lying about a friend. 

Jax also has some advice for James Kennedy. “I don’t know how many times James has to hear that Kristen is a bad person, that she is going to constantly go behind your back, she’s constantly going to be vindictive, and she’s constantly going to pine over Tom Sandoval,” he declares. “James, you need to wake up, unless you’re happy sharing with Tom. I’m sorry, bud, you just gotta walk away; this is not good for you.” 

Here’s my problem: Jax and Kristen are both liars, manipulators, and trouble-makers who have zero self-awareness. They are two peas in a toxic pod. I just find it so convenient that Jax is truthful, and Kristen and Rachael can tell, when it serves them, but when it makes them look bad, he’s a liar trying to get attention? What’s that expression about seeing in others what bothers you about yourself, bothers you about others?


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