Kenya Moore Explains Why She Believes Apollo Nida; Andy Encourages Her To Show Us Her New Man

Kenya Moore

After tonight’s episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kenya Moore was the guest on Watch What Happens Live, along with Derek J and Miss Lawrence.  Kenya once again denied swiping Vivica’s phone and tried to give her explanation about why she believes Apollo Nida’s story about Phaedra Parks cheating.  And Miss Lawrence gave a little Sheree Whitfield update!

Andy’s shady boot moment of the night was Porsha Williams throwing shade at Kenya for flirting with the waiter.  Kenya says “I think that’s sad.  I was being friendly to the waiter.  I don’t think that I’m above a waiter or staff and to be friendly with someone doesn’t mean that you’re flirting with them.” 

A fan wants to know how Kenya can believe that Apollo didn’t make up the text messages between Phaedra and Mr. Chocolate when Apollo faked/lied about text messages from her.  “That’s an incorrect statement.  Apollo never said I made up text messages, he claimed that I saw him in L.A.”  Andy clarifies that Apollo said that Kenya sent him a lot of text messages.  Kenya says she DID send him texts and Andy reminds her “not the ones he was claiming.”  She says “he never claimed that I sent him false text messages. So Andy tries to boil it down further, stating that Apollo lied on Kenya, so why is she so quick to believe him on this? “Because at the time Apollo presented evidence. He never had evidence that I met him in L.A. and I propositioned him, that’s the difference.  He showed text messages proving that Phaedra was having an affair and communicating with someone inappropriately named Chocolate.” 

Andy tries to tell her you can doctor up text messages.  Kenya says “here’s the hypocrisy of it all.  When I said that Apollo was lying on me, everyone believed it (the lie), everyone believed him.  And even when Apollo said he had been lying, they still never admitted or gave me credit or vindicated me for having been lied on.  In fact NeNe said and Phaedra said ‘oh he’s lying about lying.’  So then why is it okay and acceptable that Apollo is somehow now lying about Phaedra, too.  You can’t pick and choose what lie you want to believe that Apollo has told.”

Andy grills Kenya on this new mystery man that she might have met on Millionaire Matchmaker

Is he an African prince?  “No.”  

Have the other housewives met him? “Yes, Cynthia.”

Are you exclusive?  “not gonna comment on that.”

Is it the man Patti Stanger set her up with? “You’ll find out soon.”

Andy tells her she needs to produce this man soon because of all the rumors that are always swirling about her and the men that never seem to be real.  Miss Lawrence says he’s met the new boyfriend AND has met the African prince. 

What did Kenya think when Phaedra was lunging at her? “I don’t think I really had any thoughts.  But I think that when we’re faced with allegations or issues as a group, you just respond accordingly.  If it wasn’t true, just say it was true.  There’s never any need to resort to violence or threatening behavior and I think it was extremely inappropriate. 

She reiterates for a caller that Donald Trump saw the tapes and believes her that she did not take Vivica’s phone on Celebrity Apprentice.   Meanwhile Vivica Tweeted that the “toxic trick” DID take her phone.  So obviously she tuned in to WWHL to watch Kenya’s interview.  😉

Miss Lawrence gave an update on Sheree Whitfield.  He says he’s pretty sure that she has moved in to the finally-finished Chateau Sheree!  But he hasn’t seen her in a bit since she is on vacation abroad. 

I was going to transcribe the After Show because I can only imagine how much more unfiltered Kenya would be, but Bravo is ALWAYS glitchy for me for the After Show.  Anyone else?


Tonight’s poll was “whose side are you on?”  Phaedra won with 76% of the votes.

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