Lisa Vanderpump Goes Into Detail About Brandi Glanville Slapping Her And What Wasn’t Shown On RHOBH!

Lisa Vanderpump vs. Brandi Glanville - Again!

Brandi Glanville is often wholly unpredictable, but on this season of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills her erratic behavior is leaving co-stars and former friend reeling. Lisa Vanderpump says she has officially had her fill and after Brandi slapped her – even though it was playful – she was done investing in their friendship. 

Lisa wants it known, THE SLAP wasn’t hard but the intention behind it is what truly left her in shock – and it was the culmination of other factors which happened earlier in the day between herself and Brandi (which weren’t shown) that really upset her. “I was shocked, reeling,” admits Lisa. “I have never insinuated that it was that hard. I had a small scratch on my upper lip from her acrylic claws, but the strength of the slap was not the issue.”


What the issue is, however, is that Brandi doesn’t understand the severity behind her behaviors! “I think in her own distorted mind she thought this was playing, but no, it didn’t feel like that,” continues Lisa. “First she pushed me…OK…But it wasn’t the actual slap. It was the violation…I haven’t had a hand laid on me since I was a child.”

“I immediately retreated to the bathroom–unfortunately it was the men’s. Didn’t realize it at the time, locked the door, and desperately tried to regroup and pull myself together as the tears flowed,” Lisa recalls. “I chastised myself and knew cameras and friends were outside.”

Lisa shares, “I felt ridiculous.” And she worried that her response my provoke more drama when they finally had quelled it for the evening. “I don’t want my reaction to supersede the action–it wasn’t that hard. So why did it provoke such an emotional response?”

Also since Brandi is going ahead with this everyone on RHOBH is a hypocrite, there’s also that to consider… “I might add that it seems ironic that this is the same person that constantly reiterates to Kyle, ‘Don’t touch me.’ Might seem a tad hypocritical,” suggests Lisa

Now for the ever-poignant back-story, the story which really had Lisa upset and vacillating about the future of her friendship with Brandi. It all began innocently enough during “retail therapy” which as it turns out was anything but therapeutic! Well unless it’s like that whole confront your fears head-on thing and your fear happens to be the sobriety of Kim Richards or the irascible mouth of Brandi! 

“There were a sequence of events that day that culminated in my complete withdrawal of any interaction with BG again,” recounts Lisa. “When we were shopping earlier, as you saw, which was remarkable considering the debacle the night before, BG informed me that Kyle had told her I had an affair with my trainer. I scoffed at the ridiculousness of this remark and claimed it to be untrue…Kyle wouldn’t say that, (She wouldn’t?) and also, just a small point, I don’t have a trainer.”

Talk about soap opera clichés – an affair with a trainer! Dang BG – you need to work your script writing. Unfortunately for Lisa it all too redolently recalled the events of last season… you remember: tabloids in a suitcase, who started the rumor about Mauricio cheating (KYLE), blah, blah, blah – but Lisa had had enough! 

“The realization washed over me slowly. This was a a reenactment of her actions that resulted in the fiasco last year,” revisits Lisa. “She sees Kyle and I too close for her liking and decides to create some sort of scenario that will drive a wedge between us, whatever the cost.” Again – it is Brandi’s intentions which are the problem. Those and her mental health issues!

So at dinner Lisa was already treading precariously. “I processed this, and we went to dinner. Once again BG, apparently joking, states I had slept around.”

“There are few things that are sacred to me, but the sanctity of our marriage is one of them,” states Lisa. “We have been committed to each other for 33 years, and I was disappointed that BG could vindictively insinuate anything else, especially in such a public forum.” 

Lisa also warns: “Careless remarks are one thing, but lies can gather momentum as she knowingly stated Eileen was a home-wrecker, which was also grossly unfair.” Yes, remember, according to Brandi, comments can ruin someone’s life

Now onto the kiss, which turned into a slap, which decimated what little remained of LVP and Brandi’s perilous friendship! 

“So we witness her trying to kiss me…Ken and I had been down this path before. [Brandi] lunges at you, trying to have some sort of physical interaction, land a kiss, which luckily she has always been unsuccessful at I might add, but you know she would include that in her arsenal,” explains Lisa. “She would state that we ‘made out’ or something of that nature. I was always wary of that, even when we had a deeper friendship.” 

Lisa also invites us to consider that Brandi’s behaviors are indicative of deeper issues. “I feel strongly, as I said at the table, (I know it is cliché) that if you don’t like yourself, what lurks beneath? I have seen the self mutilation, which she struggles with, and that she often complains about, the self destruction as she digs into her face and the destruction of relationships close to her.”

BG couldn’t sit at that table as we had words of kindness to say about each other. She added superficial comments, which defeats the object,” reminds Lisa. “She knew that her actions to most of us have been despicable, she knows…Be able to look yourself in the eye and know you have done right. That will give you all the confidence you need…” 

As for why Lisa confided in Kyle about Brandi’s slap, Lisa was considering where to go from here. And also she probably wanted to know if Kyle was behind the rumor of trainer affairs, as Brandi once in the past accused Kyle of being behind a rumor that Lisa had lived in the Valley and been bankrupt!

“So Kyle takes me for pancakes–a deliberate attempt to fatten me up. I enlighten her of the slap, and we unequivocally agree that the line has been well and truly crossed,” describes Lisa in her blog. “It was not just the physicality, it was the failed attempt that was so successful last year to infiltrate a friendship. I had given BG a second chance after she tried everything to denigrate my character last season, but something this time in me just snapped.”

“That single defining moment was when I knew and I asked myself the pertinent question, ‘What was the upside of this friendship?‘ I knew the answer, and so will you,” concludes Lisa


[Photo Credits: Michael Larsen/Bravo]