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Claudia Jordan has almost survived her first season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta (although she hasn’t experienced a reunion yet!), and while Claudia is hoping to be back next year, she hopes Porsha Williams won’t be joining her. Claudia forgets the first rule of reality television: Making someone relevant with a feud gives them a storyline, so all the times she keeps Porsha’s name in her mouth, Bravo is taking note and the chances of Poortaste returning increases! 

Claudia believes Porsha just isn’t being herself. “She’s cute and glamorous – and that’s great – but I think we need more than that. I don’t think it’s enough to be on the show just co-signing whatever NeNe says,” Claudia complains. “That’s not a good character on a reality show. I think that’s kind of boring.” Interesting considering Claudia is on this show co-signing whatever Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey say… but go ahead. 


Claudia’s secret to surviving all the drama with these vendetta-prone ladies? Moscato -“just to take the edge off,” she admits.  “That’s actually something that got me through the season, because you get a lot of anxiety being on a reality show.” 

And anxiety continues when awaiting whether or not she’ll be rejoining the show next season. “No one knows until after the reunion,” Claudia shares. “They wait like a couple weeks after to send those letters.”So anyone that says they’re coming back already, that’s not confirmed,” she adds, cockily. 

Although Claudia says she’s not nervous about the RHOA reunion, which films tomorrow (Friday) I don’t believe her… “I’m excited, because I like a challenge,” she insists to OK! Magazine. Cynthia is “actually excited” as well, since she believes this season’s reunion will be a departure from last season, when everybody hated her. 

Cynthia “thinks it’s gonna be a fun one for her actually; more fun than in the past. Because in the past it’s been 5-against-1 and last time it was pretty dark,” Claudia dishes. Meaning, now Cynthia will have Kenya and Claudia checking for her against NeNe and Phaedra. Oh FrankenCynthia… so pathetic. How on earth does that jellyfish walk upright… well after seeing the world-famous supermodel’s catwalk I’m not convinced she does… Or her robotronics are outdated. 

Claudia reiterates that, contradicting what we’ve seen so far, the season does end in a really positive place following the group trip to the Philippines. “When you think reality television and women it’s always fighting, no good times, at each other’s throats and throwing drinks and things… I’m proud to say we were in a dark place, but we don’t end in a dark place.” 

She also chimed in on those rumors that she’s dating Shawn Bullard. “We’re good friends,” Claudia said coyly. 


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