Kenya Moore Heard Porsha Cheated? Talks Men, Brandi Glanville, RHOA Reunion and More!


Tonight’s guests on Watch What Happens Live were Kenya Moore and Daisy Lewellyn from Blood, Sweat and Heels.  Daisy shared an update on her cancer battle and Kenya shared her thoughts on the reunion nonsense tonight.  Kenya also dished on her boyfriend and her Brandi Glanville feud. 

Andy mentions his surprise that Phaedra shared tonight on the reunion that she isn’t filing for divorce from Apollo NidaKenya says it was it news to her, too.  She also says that Porsha Williams’ new accusations that Kordell cheated was something she hadn’t heard before.  “I heard the opposite, but…”


Daisy shares that she is finally done with chemotherapy and successfully completed her radiation.  She says she feels so much better and she has her twirl back. 

A caller asks what happened after Kenya and Phaedra made up in the Philippines (since things were so hostile at the reunion).  “I thought it was positive that we made up and I thought it was genuine and then we get to the reunion and we rehash a lot of the old stuff that we had to live through and it brings up all those old feelings again.  And then out of the blue she calls me a whore again. So, it’s unfortunate that we have to keep going backwards.  I’m done with it.  I really wish Phaedra all the best and her children and I think that she just has to find her own way back.”

Andy asks if Kenya and Brandi Glanville have made up yet.  “You know I don’t have a desire to make up with her. I think she is who she is and I think she’s shown the world who she is, so it is what it is.”

Does Kenya think she should get an apology from Porsha? “I think she made it very clear that I won’t.  She was very adamant about that.  Do I think I should? Absolutely.  If someone does something morally incorrect or even legally incorrect, I think they owe themselves and the world the opportunity to set the record straight and say that they’re sorry for what they did.”

Kenya says that things are going well with her beau from Millionaire Matchmaker.  “We’re taking things very slow.”  Andy asks if he watches the show and she says he never has watched it.  Andy says maybe it’s a good thing that he hasn’t.  She has her last two boyfriends have never watched the show. Andy asks if she ever bumps into Walter.  “Never.  Since I dumped him, never.”

Andy asks Kenya what she thinks the headline of tonight’s reunion was.  “People being stuck.  Going backwards.  It feels like we went backwards.”  Andy and Kenya do agree that the conversation was calmer than in past years.

A caller asks Kenya what she thinks about Peter interfering in Apollo and Phaedra’s relationship.  “Peter is very outspoken and I don’t think he meant anyone any harm.  I think he was just repeating what Apollo told him.  I think it ended there.”


Poll question tonight asked who was best dressed at the reunion? The Results:

NeNe – 37%

Cynthia – 1%

Porsha – 29%

Phaedra – 4%

Kenya – 24%

Kandi – 4%

Claudia – 1%


Photo Credit: Twitter