Joe Giudice Keeps His License, Plus, Andy Cohen On Teresa Giudice!


Change is in the air on Real Housewives Of New Jersey, but don’t worry – there will be always be Giudice drama! While Teresa Giudice chills in prison, Joe Giudice hangs out in his home away from home: court!

Dang – does he have his own parking spot at the Passaic County Courthouse? Probably – and guess what, he can use it because Juicy gets to keep his driver’s license even after taking a plea deal in his fraud case which stipulated he wasn’t legally able to drive. #Winning 


In the case that will never end, last Friday Juicy stayed home from Atlantic City long enough to attend his formal sentencing. In yet another case of magical Juicy postponement (seriously… always a postponement with this dude!) he learned that due to a medical problem with one of the prosecutors, his official sentencing would be delayed – and for the time being he could drive away. 

However, once Joe officially receives his sentence, he’ll be losing his license for up to two years, it’s at the discretion of Judge Adam E. Jacobs to determine the exact length of time. Sentencing will likely be rescheduled for next month says

Moving on, with the Juicys out of commission casting rumors for the upcoming very un-canceled 7th season of RHONJ are running rampant. Andy Cohen weighed in on what’s going on and if he’s spoken to his favorite convict Teresa!

Apparently RHONJ is supposed to start filming in April but that’s been postponed because they can’t make a decision about who is joining the cast – they are doing some test shoots with certain cast members and a mix of a few new possible additions. 

Jacqueline Laurita & Melissa Gorga RHONJ Season 7?

Filming for RHONJ or just a girls night out?

Andy reveals he hasn’t directly spoken to Teresa (when IS that tell-all interview happening?!) because he explains, “her access to the outside world is pretty limited,” but he has been getting updates from someone who does: Dina Manzo! “I’m kind of checking in through Dina to find out how she’s doing and by all accounts she’s hanging in there and doing OK,” reveals Andy. But did Teresa cut-out carbs???? 

“Certainly I’m thinking about her – I woke up thinking about her [Teresa], actually,” (sounds like a nightmare to me!) Andy tells E! News. “We’ll watch what happens with that one!” Yes, WWHL cameras in prison would be the most amazing thing ever – get on that reality Bravo. The segment can be called Timeout By Bravo. Andy doesn’t comment on whether or not Juicy, or Gia, have been filming. 

And now onto those casting speculations! Despite plenty of reports that Tikki Barber‘s wife Traci Lynn Johnson is coming on-board, Andy insists it’s not true. “I haven’t seen any Jersey casting yet,” Andy says, contradicting reports that network execs have been in several meetings and all but signed Traci. “They’re doing a wide net,” he says. “But we haven’t cast Jersey,” he clarifies. “So anything you’ve heard about casting Jersey is not true right now.” Hmmm… Bravo just trying to keep us in suspense or is Andy telling the truth? 

Contrary to popular belief, according to RumorFix’s source, Bravo is not re-upping Melissa Gorga‘s contract, but they are keeping Jacqueline Laurita as well as offering Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano another season, meanwhile everyone else remains in limbo. This must be a rumor started by Jacqueline – she is famous for that!  

Yea – sorry, don’t believe that AT. ALL! Last season was the lowest rated Jersey EVER! Bravo wants Teresa back and Melissa is a direct link to Teresa. I think  Jacqueline will return (at least part-time), along with Melissa, but certainly not those twins – especially if the rumors (which I very much believe) are true that the network is actively planning to class things up with famous names and legitimately wealthy women. Dunkin’ Donut trawlers with fake boyfriends and bad plastic surgery do not fit that mold. 

Speaking of molds, another casting guesstimate is that Cake Boss Buddy Valastro‘s wife has been approached, as has 80’s hairband rocker Sebastian Bach’s ex-wife, Maria

Personally I think Bravo is just tossing a TON of NJ names out there to see who generates some buzz. I can tell you who won’t: The Funbag Twins. They’re more likely to generate fuzz – the kind found in between the sofa cushions. . 


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