NeNe Leakes Blogs About Conquering Haters Who Conspired With Producers To Try And Take Her Down On Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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What was officially the most disjointed, least sense-making season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta ever has finally come to an end. There were weird casting issues, a serious marriage upheaval, and pointless fights about female genitalia and how it is used (or misused), but there remained one constant: NeNe Leakes

In her finale blog, NeNe discusses surviving RHOA no matter what co-stars and errant producers tried to throw at her and revels in her success on Broaaa-Way (the “D” is oddly silent when NeNe pronounces it, as if her tongue can’t reach around her giant veneers to reach the roof of her mouth required for the D sound. Clearly I am over-thinking this). 

With things very up in the air concerning whether or not NeNe will return for season 8 (she announced on twitter she would “if certain cast members don’t”), she’s focusing on the future while reminding us of how vital she is to the life-force that is RHOA – and that the unstoppable force of NeNe is just that: unstoppable! 


“I can’t believe I am saying this but season 7 has come to an end! WHOOT WHOOT!,” NeNe exclaims. “They tried to knock me down but couldn’t knock me out!! I took it all the way there this season trying on new wigs & stepping into new business ventures. Nonetheless I gave you something to talk about and the girls something to hate on. My name was called so much this season I literally thought about a legal name change LOL!” 

NeNe marvels over having “friends” (or former friends) who sought to betray her (and who “wanted my life”), she also marvels over certain cast members whose sole intent was to rain on NeNe Leakes parade of fabulosity – but they cannot succeed. Oh no, let that toxic rain come down, but NeNe has a platinum umbrella! It goes without saying she’s referring to Clawdia Jordan and Kenya Moore throughout this blog, and probably Kandi Burruss, as well as her now FORMER friend Cynthia Bailey

“I’ve never really worked with women who were so desperate to take your shine in order for them to shine! Working with women who came in with an agenda,” NeNe bemoans. “Their only accomplishment is taking someone down. Women who claimed to be happy for each other when they accomplish things but they were never happy for me!”

NeNe believes it was a coordinated effort to systematically destroy her. “The tear down was so real and non-stop. Talk about being bullied! If I didn’t have a strong support system I would have cracked under the pressure.” Well talking about NeNe was a major storyline – especially considering that NeNe was gone for so much of the story! 

Of course, there were positives for NeNe this season, from opening Zumanity in Vegas to launching her clothing collection (which routinely sells out), to, of course, Broadway. “As the Wicked Step Mother, I stood before a sold out audience almost every night and I was the highest grossing Madame receiving rave reviews! In my business space everything was great but working with this cast couldn’t have been worst!”

“Everything I have today is because I worked my ass off for it! I earned it! I will NOT break so quench yo thirst because I AM STILL STANDING STRONG! THE ALWAYS FABULOUS NENE LEAKES!,” announces NeNe

“I knew they wanted me gone so I wanted to find a way for you the fans to see and understand the attacks I was under which is why I started asking you to blog for me. Every time they kicked me, I kicked down a door of opportunity because I knew how much they hated me to shine,” NeNe declares. “The problem is, they didn’t know my strength and everything I’ve been through in life. The best way for me to find it was for me to be quiet, center myself and I knew you would see it for what it was!” NeNe… quiet? I have failed to watch that version of RHOA

NeNe admits she has faults – I know, shocking – but she did not deserve the constant lashing certain co-stars gave her (ahem Clawdia) – and I quite agree with NeNe’s point here. “I ain’t always right but I sho ain’t always wrong either! The fact that I apologized for my role or any wrong doing just so we could move on yet it was never accepted, proved they didn’t want to let it go because it was all they had to talk about.”

“Other girls could apologize and things would go back to normal. When everything else failed, they brought up a meaningless petty argument from 5 years ago to try and make it relevant today!,” complains NeNe. “When I tell you the bitter hate & jealousy some of these girls have for me is so real, I am blown away. Every time they open up their country wide twisted mouth, they spoke nothing but envy.” 

“I was always being attacked, at work, on social media, in the press, the weekly’s and every Monday morning on one particular syndicated morning radio show,” NeNe says. “It was as if they dedicated their Monday mornings to me with a revolving negative guest!” (She’s referring to Claudia’s DishNation show where she dedicates a large portion of the Monday-Morning wrap-up to discussing RHOA, aka obsessing about NeNe and Porsha.)

“I was being called everything! A bad friend, evil, disgusting, Cancer, a bad wig, bad skin, bipolar, noodles , a slave owner and so much more but yet I was the mean one,” NeNe writes. “It took all of them, our executive producer and a B character that never was and never will be a housewife to try an bring me down, because they could never do it one on one.” 

“The constant blaming, lying, pointing fingers and twisting the stories in hopes that the fans would side with them. They wanted it to be the end of Nene! They wanted me to break!,” she insists. “It may appear to you that they have things but trust me I can walk in the room and literally suck the life out of them!”

NeNe decrees that because her heart is “made of gold” she will forgive these cretinous thirst-parasites, but she will “never forget.” And then she thanks her team, from her agent to her true friends on RHOA, to of course, Gregg the mumbling basement troll always whispering encouragement in her ear. 


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