Asa Soltan Rahmati Says Mercedes Javid Is Shady; Reza Farahan Calls Jessica Parido A Hateful Bitch

Shahs of Sunset Asa and Reza

Reza Farahan and Adam Neely are planning a wedding in Thailand on Shahs of Sunset. Reza asked Mercedes “MJ” Javid to be his maid of honor. Adam asked Asa Soltan Rahmati. Within seconds, MJ suggested concurrent but separate bachelor parties for Reza and Adam, because she’s insecure, hateful, and desperate to keep Asa away from Reza.

This week, MJ planned Reza‘s party and Asa planned Adam‘s party. Reza is all about the raunch. “When you’re planning a bachelor party for your gay best friend, who is a whore and wants to sow his wild oats, it’s important to say, ‘Yes. Yes. Yes.'” said MJ. “The sky’s the limit; lots of gold, lots of dollars, lots of toys.”

Adam and Asa, on the other hand, threw around ideas like a beautiful picnic, a petting zoo (no puns included), and a scavenger hunt. MJ refused to invite Asa to Reza‘s bachelor party, so Reza agreed to keep it a secret from both Asa and Adam. Asa and Reza took to their blogs to share their thoughts on the bachelor party drama on Shahs of Sunset this week.


MJ is very shady and a major hater in general, but the fact that she made Reza‘s bachelor party about her is so selfish,” said Asa. “She had planned on excluding me from it from Day 1 at the staycation in Malibu. I’m not the one getting married, why would she be conniving enough to exclude me, when both Reza and I specifically told her I wanted to be there?”

Asa pointed out that the issue is much deeper than a silly party.

“To be very honest, the party is the least of our problems,” bemoaned Asa. “It’s actually much more about MJ being a friend I cannot trust or rely on. Unfortunately, on any and every occasion where she has an ounce of power or control over something, instead of rising to the occasion and being a great leader, she uses her control for something evil and shady. MJ cannot be happy for her friends and turns even the happiest occasion into something negative.”

Reza avoided the real issue and made a joke. Typical.

“I was worried about having a secret bachelor party, because I know my girl MJ,” said Reza. “Having her plan it is like having Bishop Don, Magic Juan, and Anna Nicole Smith planning your party. You know some sh-t is going to go down and you make sure your affairs are in order, just in case you don’t make it.”

Reza also explained why he revoked Mike Shouhed‘s invite to his wedding.

“Technically Mike was invited to my wedding, but only if he came solo. Clearly after the reconciliation dinner everyone was able to see what an angry, hateful bitch Mike’s wife is. Nobody in our crew wants to deal with that. Especially not me and especially not at my wedding,” declared Reza. “I do have to give Mike props though. He has a terrible track record and GG passed the lie detector test, yet his girl still believes him. That is what you call a pimp whose mastered the art persuasion or she’s just a…”


Photo Credit: Instagram